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How the Right Tech Stack Can Help Overcome the Challenges of Hybrid Marketing

Developing a hybrid marketing approach will help you maximize your reach, form better connections with your customers, and improve your ROI. How? Deloitte recently reported that the average US household has a total of 25 connected devices, including phones, laptops, tablets, and smart home units. And this number is only growing with 38 percent of Americans reporting having more devices now than they did at the start of the pandemic.

Will 2022 be the Year of Hybrid Marketing?

One of the biggest changes seen since the beginning of the pandemic is greater implementation of hybrid marketing solutions. As 2022 kicks off, it’s more imperative than ever that businesses continue to bolster their omnichannel presence in pursuit of forming better connections with their consumers.

Why Your Senior Living Organization Needs Multichannel Marketing

If ever there was a need to capture and engage all your qualified prospects, this is it. That means you can’t rely on using a single platform, such as digital marketing, to reach them all. Doing so can result in leaving hundreds of leads on the table. What you need is...

7 Incredible Leadership Lessons To Stand Out And Win More Clients

In today’s world, being knowledgeable about the latest financial products isn’t enough. Your community and clients expect more from you. They want you to lead them to financial security. In fact, you’ll find that you play the role of a psychologist as much as you are...

The Do’s and Don’ts Guide to Virtual Etiquette

The world has changed a lot in the past 2 years. As a result of the pandemic, virtual meetings became the way for co-workers, family, and friends to keep in touch. And while in-person events are returning and more employees are returning to work, virtual meetings...

Marketing Strategies for Awareness and Problem Recognition

In our last blog, How to Eliminate Fear and Encourage Consumers to Act, we covered how most Americans struggle with financial illiteracy and anxiety over money. The best way to overcome consumers’ fear of financial decision-making is to engage and educate them....

Responder Data Critical to Online Event Marketing Success

After in-person events and visits to brick and mortar businesses were no longer an option, older Americans began relying on online communications to connect with product and service providers. This opened the door for advisors to employ digital resources to generate leads and acquire new clients.

Traditional Advertising Vs. Digital: Are Your Clients Too Costly?

Wondering where your next signed retainer will come from? That person is likely typing “(practice area) + lawyer near me” into their smartphone’s web browser right now. Law firms often rely on traditional advertising to bring in new clients, including print and TV commercials.

The Must-Have Ingredient for 2021 – Agile Marketing

What a year this has been. Unexpected events have turned companies on their heads, and businesses worldwide are trying to figure out how to adjust. This week’s Think with Google article, “Agility is a Superpower that Goes Beyond Digital Transformation,” points out that an agile marketing team is what organizations need in 2021.

Medical Marketing – Getting the Support Your Practice Needs

It’s been a rough year for medical, dental, and elective care practices. Across the U.S., offices are struggling due to the pandemic. Practices are experiencing closures, reduced capacity, limited patient visits, and difficulty meeting prospective patients...