The internet is a wondrous thing for determined marketers. But due to its ever-changing nature, ads that worked like a charm last quarter could fall completely flat next month. If your marketing dollars aren’t bringing in enough clients, spending even more money isn’t necessarily going to solve your problem. That’s especially true in over-saturated markets — but if you’re attracting fewer leads than your business needs to thrive, don’t panic! Instead, take a step back, review your company’s client acquisition process and identify changes that could help improve conversion rates.

Ideas to Improve Conversion Rates in 2018

The fiscal year’s coming to a close, so now’s a great time to change things up and make some improvements. With that in mind, here are five tactics to try that may help you improve conversion rates in 2018.

1. Ensure each landing page on your company’s website has one clear, highly visible call to action.

Stop what you’re doing right now and go look at your company’s public-facing landing pages. Count how many different navigation links, registration forms and types of content/media that visitors see when they land on it. If you’re dividing each lead’s attention in too many different directions, then you are definitely hurting your conversion rates. Eliminate social media buttons from pages that host registration forms or newsletter opt-in fields, for example, and other possible distractions.

Here’s a great example: Open Mile, a freight trucking company, wanted to generate more leads through the company’s website. Surprisingly, red call-to-action buttons clearly converted better than the blue, gray, and green ones the company tested. And changing even one word on your button copy can also improve conversion rates, so try several options on your landing pages, too. It’s the best way for you to see what specific verbiage will most improve conversion rates — or drive leads away.

2. Refresh your company’s website design and A/B test each individual element.

What’s the first impression you want to make on potential clients visiting your website? If yours looks outdated, you’ve likely already missed your first shot at conversion. If you’re seeing a high bounce rate in Google Analytics, it’s time to do something. Another case study from Majestic Wine found that refreshing your site design can improve conversion rates by over 200%.

Consider testing the following site changes to see if they improve conversion rates:

  • Reduce overall page clutter. Ask others to share their unbiased opinions about everything on your website. That way, you can streamline your content and page elements by eliminating anything that isn’t helping you acquire new clients.
  • Remove unnecessary sidebars. Sidebars look dated, and you don’t want anything to compete with your top navigation menu. Remember, your company’s website isn’t simply a digital sales brochure. Plus, all that extra code can drastically slow down your page load time.
  • Optimize copy. Make sure your heading and secondary content is engaging and to-the-point. Emphasize your company’s value proposition(s). Ask questions and show empathy for potential leads whenever possible. Lastly, you should always address visitors directly (for example, say “you,” not “our clients”).
  • Include better, bigger images that stand out against your site’s background. Designers usually refer to these images as “hero shots.” Videos can be eye-catching, but be sure to update content often and disable any auto-playing features on that page.
  • Make your call to action clear and prominently visible. Don’t make your potential clients frustrated trying to find your company’s contact information. Putting crucial forms above the fold still matters, even on mobile devices. If you’re unsure about the ideal placement, test different areas!

3. Design your contact forms to be mobile-friendly using responsive design.

If your site doesn’t have responsive design already built in, now’s the time to update that. Pull out your phone or tablet right now and pull up your company’s website. Is it easy to read? How long did it take the home page to load for you? Can you easily navigate to the form or link potential clients use to get in touch? Take a cue from WalMart’s Canadian division, which noted a spike in traffic and higher conversions from consumers using tablets. Using this information, WalMart launched a responsive redesign that make touchscreen-based shopping easier, even on smaller mobile phones and devices.

WalMart’s redesign (combined with more intuitive navigation and faster caching) helped improve conversion rates on mobile devices by 20%.

4. Use action-oriented language.

Passive voice is an absolute killer when you’re trying to improve conversion rates. Instead, excite your visitors using words that pop off the screen and energize them to take action immediately. Use verbiage that implies a sense of urgency or scarcity. Here are some great examples:

  • Discover. Learn. Download.
  • Reserve your spot today!
  • Save 20% before this offer expires at midnight.
  • Limited offer. Get it now!
  • Grow your business today!

5. Contact a lead generation company to get a price quote.

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