Your Practitioner Dinner Seminar Checklist

Aug 5, 2021 | Healthcare

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Are you a care provider who hasn’t hosted live events in 2021 because of pandemic-related restaurant closures or capacity restrictions? Or finding that consumers are unwilling to commit to this type of activity? Those barriers have now been removed in many areas and consumers are ready to get out and participate in dinner seminars!

If it’s been a while since you’ve faced a live audience, you might feel a little rusty. So we’ve created this healthcare dinner seminar checklist to help you cover all the bases.

Before your dinner seminar 

Prepare your presentation (and guests)

  • Does your topic address your prospects’ needs or wants? If you’re not sure, survey your existing patients. You want to pick a subject that has great appeal.
  • If you’re using a slide deck, don’t clutter your slides with content. They should act as reinforcement of your presentation points, not be read line-by-line.
  • Practice your delivery. Do this either in front of a mirror, a friend, or trusted colleague.
  • As people RSVP for your seminar, reach out to them to see if they have any questions or concerns you can answer ahead of time.
  • Review the room setup – including AV equipment – at least one hour before your presentation to confirm everything is in place and functioning properly.
  • Put the check-in table just outside the room, so your staff can greet any late arrivals and minimize distractions to your audience
  • Some guests may arrive up to 30 minutes early, so be ready to receive them.

During the event

Relax, pace yourself, respond

  • It’s normal to feel nervous. But remember, your audience doesn’t see it. They know you’re an expert in your field and have helpful advice for them.
  • Take your time. Don’t rush through your presentation.
  • Make eye contact with your guests. Let them get to know you, the care provider.
  • Should a guest interrupt your presentation, calmly acknowledge it and say you’ll come back to their point at the end.
  • If someone has a question you can’t answer, tell them you’ll provide them with the information after the event.
  • Offer attendees an evaluation form to fill out before they depart. Their input will help you shape future dinner seminar presentations.

After you’ve won them over

Follow up with attendees & restaurant

  • Thank all your guests for their time – don’t contact only those with follow-up questions. Ask if they have any concerns they would like to share.
  • Reach out to any no-shows. Say you’re sorry they missed your event, and be sure to invite them to future dinner seminars.
  • Make the restaurant manager aware of any food or service issues that occurred during your presentation. If there were none, thank them for their attention to detail.

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