2024 Performance Marketing Trends to Watch

Jan 17, 2024 | Marketing

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Technology is moving things forward at a rapid pace. And marketers are trying to keep up. What multichannel marketing trends are expected to be big this year? Are there marketing trends that are losing steam? Performance marketing is the most cost-effective, results-driven solution out there right now. Need a refresher on what performance marketing is? That’s fine. We’ve got your back.

For those who are well-versed in performance marketing and want to know more about marketing trends, keep reading. So, let’s see the anticipated B2C and B2B marketing trends for 2022.

Influencer Marketing Has Moved Mainstream

Ok, try not to roll your eyes yet. We get it. For most businesses, influencer marketing doesn’t seem like a real thing. Hear us out.

Every marketer is familiar with influencer marketing – using well-known celebrities or respected personalities to influence their followers. It started with celebrities and has moved into all aspects of life, including stay-at-home moms, automotive mechanics, financial advisors, and everything in between. Don’t believe us? The influencer marketing industry is expected to reach $24 billion in by the end of 2024! This is a B2C and B2B marketing trend you can’t ignore.

Influencers aren’t a marketing trend that disappearing any time soon. And it’s no longer on the fringes as a rare opportunity. Regardless of your business focus, there are people of influence in your sphere. They could be published authors, industry leaders, or other well-known and followed personas. And they can help lead people to your business! They just need to value your business and think their audience will as well. Think of it as the best word of mouth business partnership. And it works when you offer value, honesty, and quality.

“Good marketers see consumers as complete human beings with all the dimensions real people have.” – Jonah Sachs

One-on-One Customer Connections Are Paramount

The days of expecting customers to be just a number are gone. In fact, 71% of consumers feel frustrated when they experience an impersonal purchasing experience. Consumers expect to feel noticed, appreciated, valued, and an individual. How can you make your prospects feel noticed?

Easy! Focus your performance marketing strategies on personalization. When sending direct mail, include the individual’s name. When sending an email, specify their name, issues, concerns, or recent communication with your firm. Planning an educational event? Whether at an in-person event or in a webinar, make sure to use names, research your audience beforehand, and connect personally with every prospect.

Want some statistics to back it up? We’ve got it! Our financial team did a recent A/B test and found that – to no one’s surprise – personalization was a game-changer. With over 42k tests, personalization won by large margins regardless of style, recipient, or location.

Case study of personalization

Everyone Loves Podcasts

We won’t even believe you if you tell us that you’ve never listened to a podcast. The statistics are incredible:

  • 78% of Americans are familiar with podcasts
  • 57% have listened to a podcast
  • Podcast listeners have grown 29.5% in the past three years

Are you a believer now? Then let’s talk podcasts! They will definitely be a marketing trend to watch this year. Podcasts are versatile, educational, and valuable. A podcast can open up your business to a broader audience, reach current clients, and help build your reputation as an industry leader. Podcasts are hugely popular and have potential you should not ignore. What are you waiting for?

Be a Good Business

It might seem obvious, but consumers are becoming more and more educated and concerned about the companies they do business with. It’s important that you run an honest, open, compliant business. Plus, it’s a value for the consumer and the company. Consumers want to know they are doing business with someone that cares about things they care about. And are dedicated to giving back to society. If you aren’t or don’t advertise it, consider this your notice! If choosing between two businesses, one that supports a cause they believe in and one that doesn’t, the choice is easy. The value of happy customers can’t be understated. Do what you can to win them over.

B2C and B2B Marketing Trends Wrap Up

Times are changing, and it’s essential to stay up to date on all the B2C and B2B performance marketing trends for your business. All the trends circle one single idea – are you ready? Focus on your consumer. On what your buyer needs and is looking for. Provide them with an exceptional experience, and they will be lifelong clients. When you’re ready to dive in, reach out to our team at LeadingResponse. Our marketing consultants can help you find the marketing strategies that win business for you.

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