9 Ways to Attract the Results You Want and Deserve

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(Don’t blame us if # 4 boosts your ego – and your customer acquisition pipeline – to new and exciting heights!)

Do you want to attract more financial clients and perhaps even further strengthen the relationship you have with your current clients? Then keep reading. Increase your customer acquisition process by investing just a few minutes of your time on your financial advisor marketing strategies. Then, you’ll have the potential to reap some of the grandest rewards as you continue to grow your financial services business!

Know your worth

You have a lot of unique skills as a financial advisor, right? How to handle stress. The seemingly endless energy and persistence. You have a knack for problem-solving. Your organizational skills are top-notch. And you pay close attention to details. Furthermore, your communications and people skills are unparalleled. You are first-rate when it comes to staying on top of your game as a trusted and respected financial advisor because you have ambitiously positioned yourself to reach that level.

That being said, however, where does your marketing strategy fit in all of this? Have you been consciously exercising your promotional prowess? You can have all of the best talents, skills, and expertise in the world, but without the ability to effectively brand yourself and your financial advisory services, you’ll gain little traction.

The best thing about marketing your financial advisory business is that you can implement your strategy at any time. Plus, in this day and age of digital commerce and advertising, you can reach your target audience around the clock…even while you sleep, eat, go to the ball game, or catch a movie!

Are you ready to promote your financial services to potential clients and get them through your customer acquisition pipeline? You may initially feel as if you don’t have the time or the talent to do so, but trust us on this one…you do. And with LeadingResponse, you have the perfect partner to bring it all to fruition. Investing in your marketing strategy is one of the premium tips we can provide you.

Get your website in tip-top shape.

If your website is lacking some luster, then it is time to flex its muscles. Create a blog, incorporate some videos, showcase your persona and skillsets. The goal of your website and its related tools is to capture an audience that will respond and connect with you. Provide insight, education, and information. Illuminate all of the services and products you provide. And most important, make sure all of your contact information is at the fingertips of potential clients so they can reach you in seconds. Make sure your website is a customer acquisition powerhouse.

Be personal. Don’t be shy. It’s okay to showcase your personality.

Your website has myriad uses. One of them is to provide clients an insider’s view as to who you are. You have character and charm, right? Then let them see that. Also, be sure to incorporate information about your educational and professional background, skills you have acquired, various organizations to which you belong, any philanthropic work you might have done, and, yes, it’s okay to let them know you play tennis and love a fresh-baked cherry pie. Anything that makes you relatable to them and their needs is an integral part of the financial advisor website building and enhancing process.

Take advantage of some good public relations support.

Unlike advertising, for which you pay, a public relations approach translates to having you quoted in an article or news segment as an expert in your field. This tells your audience that (1) you are trusted; (2) you have experience and expertise; and (3) you are credible. If you want to bridge the gap between, “Can I trust you” to “What do you recommend,” then a good PR approach can do wonders for generating more leads to grow your financial services firm.

Master being the master.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. Without sounding like we are bragging about you – you are a veritable genius! Playoff of that! No, it doesn’t sound arrogant or braggadocio. In fact, it is a great way to create a platform to which potential clients will excitedly flock. Think: webinars, live events, online seminars. The options are endless. The key is to engage with potential clients in multiple ways so they can choose the ones that are comfortable for them.

And when you host an event, don’t just focus on yourself and your financial business. Educate leads in fun and engaging ways. Let’s face it, in this technologically-based world, many of us find it, well, somewhat daunting and challenging. Show potential clients how to download new apps, such as movies, ride-sharing, shopping, dining, and more. Illustrate how they can use them to benefit their lives. Then, when they go to use these particular apps later, they will be reminded of you and how you helped them incorporate technology into their lives in a fun and productive manner.

Have fun with technology.

We know. We get it. Some of you simply shy away from one of the best customer acquisition marketing tools available. It may be too intimidating to you or too challenging. Or, you may just think you don’t have the time to dabble in such matters. However, you need to take the time to do so, or you could fall behind your competition.

Approach it with an enthusiastic mindset. Granted, don’t dive in too deep that it replaces you. You still need that personal, human touch, but use it in such a way to provide relevant information to your clients and potential clients so they feel appreciated and understood by you. So, in a chaotic world where face-to-face interactions aren’t always possible, but the power of cutting-edge technology to work for you and your financial advisory firm with virtual seminars and online events.

Write a book.

Okay….hold it right there. Write a book? Are you kidding me? How on earth can I do that? Okay, yes, these things take time. But….are you ready for this? They work! A book can be used to highlight your experience and expertise to further educate clients and potential clients on what you have to offer. They will gain a deeper and more insightful understanding of who you are and what you can offer them as a financial advisor. It will also showcase your personality and approach to their finances. You can even use the book as an incentive to schedule an appointment with you. (And if you really don’t want to write a book, find a ghostwriter who will do it for you. That is an investment for which the ROI is pretty sweet. I mean, if you enjoy expanding your client base and filling up your appointment calendar, that is!)

Get familiar with the time-honored Hallmark Cards….or something similar.

Don’t just send an email greeting on a routine holiday. Do something a bit unique – mail a greeting card. (Yes, we did say unique, because how many people actually do this anymore?) Aim for the unusual. Send a “Happy Autumn” card or a “Just thinking of you” greeting. Go for the more obscure occasions to generate a response that will keep them remembering you. (Does Groundhog Day really get the attention it deserves?) Send a favorite recipe with a card or a card that has your favorite flower bulb. That way, when someone else comments on these small tokens of appreciation you have extended, your clients or potential clients can say, “Thanks! My financial advisor sent it to me.” Boom! Word-of-mouth referral at work!

Create a multichannel strategy.

Are you ready to get creative with your marketing and branding and increase your customer acquisition rates? This is a way to unite your online and physical channels and harness their power together. Give your clients and leads an opportunity to find one or more channels by and through which they can engage and connect with you. This puts them in the driver’s seat and allows them to navigate their way towards you.

A multichannel strategy puts clients first, allows you to reach new lead segments, helps you to collect customer data so you can respond more effectively, and lets you reap the rewards. As a Harvard Business Review study indicated, leads who use multichannel avenues spend 10% more online than those potential clients who only pursue the single-channel route.

Do as you advise and invest wisely.

Marketing yourself and your business requires the resolve to invest intelligently in all parts of your marketing campaign. According to a 2019 Broadridge Financial Solutions survey, financial advisors who invested more frequently across more marketing channels, from digital to in-person events, generated more clients than those who did not.

Partner with the industry leader.

To attract more qualified and meaningful engagements, you can have these created through multichannel solutions tailored by our team of experts. We understand your journey and are experts in customer acquisition marketing solutions for financial advisors. If you want strategies that win business for your company, look no further. We will pre-qualify for you and connect with prospects where they are now. What are you waiting for? Get started now.

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