How We Generate the Best Mass Tort Leads for Law Firms

Aug 27, 2022 | Legal

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​Because mass tort litigation is incredibly lucrative, delivering billions of dollars in restitution to victims through pre-trial settlements and favorable jury verdicts, law firms spend enormous sums advertising for clients for lawsuits against the makers of defective drugs and faulty consumer products.

New mass tort cases, like Camp Lejeune, result in a huge influx of ads. According to Reuters, to the tune of $45 million. While these commercials and other mass tort advertisements seem ubiquitous in certain markets, mass tort advertisers usually don’t represent those cases. Instead, they turn around and re-sell the same mass tort leads to firms competing in the same space — which poses a different challenge. Most lawyers don’t want their intake staff calling a hundred unqualified leads to secure one or two new clients. And when you’re all competing to close the same mass tort leads, if your firm doesn’t get that first call in quickly, that opportunity is already gone.

Mass torts with numerous plaintiffs make defendants more likely to settle and avoid risking bankruptcy over expensive litigation costs. This strongly incentivizes lawyers to specialize in mass torts and grow more revenue for their firms. As a result, smaller firms and solo practitioners may have trouble competing in the mass tort space or acquiring new clientele.

Not All Leads are Equal

If you’ve ever spent hours cold-calling with no successful conversions, you already know that. Anyone can find unscrupulous ways to generate mass tort leads for pennies on the dollar to sell their clients. Less savory tactics might include:

  • Harvesting email addresses or buying vendor lists, then repackaging them as prospects’ contact information for batch sales
  • Delivering the same lead to as many different buyers as possible forces firms to race each other to close clients
  • Using bait-and-switch ads for unrelated products and services that fool users into giving up their contact information to generate leads

But, you don’t have to sacrifice volume to get quality mass tort leads delivered every month, meeting your firm’s ethical and legal requirements. Because LeadingResponse delivers over one million qualified leads annually to several hundred law firms nationwide.

What Sets LeadingResponse Apart

When you’re ready to find real success in mass tort litigation, outsourcing to a lead generation expert can save you time and money. With nearly 30 years of experience, our legal team has the experience and expertise to generate the best mass tort leads for your firm. Here’s how we do it.

We Follow a Formula That Works

Generating quality mass tort leads takes experience. We use a variety of marketing solutions to improve your firm’s contact and conversion rates. Here is how we generate qualified mass tort leads:

First, we engage | Wherever your potential leads are, we find them. We use multichannel marketing to put us where your mass tort leads are.

Second, we educate | Our team initiates contact with prospects and educates them about the current mass tort and how to join.

Then, we confirm eligibility | We qualify leads with specific criteria to ensure they are eligible under mass tort litigation.

Lastly, we connect | Once the lead has been qualified, we forward them to our clients in real-time.

We Do The Work, So You Don’t Have To

Our team delivers mass tort leads on your terms in real time. Our exclusive client portal, Hub, is the ideal platform for your practice to monitor available leads and dig deep into performance analytics anytime and anywhere. Integrate Hub with your CRM and get more data in less time.

Along with Hub, you get exclusive benefits when you partner with LeadingResponse. We offer mass tort retainers, Live Call Transfers, and co-counsel opportunities.

Get Started

Want to put your mass tort lead intake on autopilot and let us handle the administrative details? Our expert team is here to help you determine the right mass tort lead solution for your firm. And our team can deliver leads in the ways and times your firm needs them.

Our legal partners count on us to fuel their growth. Shouldn’t you? Connect with our team today and learn how our unique marketing mix can grow your caseload and increase your revenue. Contact our team today for a FREE consultation.

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