Your Ultimate Guide to Mass Tort Lead Generation

Nov 21, 2022 | Legal

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Mass tort cases made up over 36% of the federal civil docket. Are you a mass tort attorney who doesn’t have a full calendar of mass tort clients? Are your current mass tort lead generation strategies not working? Then let’s figure out what steps you’re missing. Legal qualification is complicated, but with the right solutions, you can attract high-quality mass tort leads and convert them into increased revenue for your firm.

Mass Tort Marketing and Lead Generation Strategies

What type of marketing are you using to attract mass tort leads? Both traditional and digital methods can work, but knowing how to target your audience is vital. Mass tort marketing is different from general legal leads. When most law firms market, they offer vague language.

However, this won’t work for mass tort lead generation. Why is that? Because mass torts have particular qualifications, criteria, injuries, and companies involved – specific to tort, qualifications, injuries, and companies. Being vague in a mass tort lead generation ad can result in many mass tort leads, but not necessarily qualified ones. And spending too much time on unqualified leads can ultimately increase your cost per acquisition rate and reduce your revenue.

So, for mass tort marketing, choose a single mass tort for each ad. Clarify the criteria required, and target demographics and areas where victims are likely to see it. Plus, timing is crucial! What phase of litigation is the mass tort in? Pre-litigation, litigation, and settlement phases will all require different education and marketing for your target audience.

Streamline Your Intake Process

A key part of your mass tort marketing process is ensuring your intake process is streamlined and effective. Are your employees trained in what cases and criteria you are seeking? Are they capable of rejecting someone who’s not qualified? Can they close the loop with qualified mass tort leads and get the contact in touch with a lawyer for signatures?

A strong intake process and team can be the difference between smooth and successful mass tort lead generation and wasting valuable time and money. Before embarking on mass tort marketing, ensure all your ducks are in a row, and your team is established and ready.

5 Must-Haves to Generate the Best Mass Tort Leads

Generate mass tort leads that drive the highest per-case ROI. Download the guide to learn how. 

Outsourcing to a Mass Tort Marketing Company

For some law firms, the best mass tort marketing solution is outsourcing. A qualified, experienced mass tort lead generation firm can provide quality leads at a predictable cost per acquisition. And that means budgeting, overhead, and intake process costs are easier to monitor and manage. Plus, if you have a small firm, outsourcing legal lead generation can save you time and money.

Most mass tort lead generation companies have already required leads to verify specific criteria, so calls should be productive, fast, and profitable. Close more business, fast, by outsourcing with the right company.

Grow Your Firm With Mass Tort Lead Generation

35-50% of clients will sign with the first lawyer they connect with. That needs to be you. When you partner with LeadingResponse for mass tort lead generation, our expert team will consistently ensure high-quality leads. What are you waiting for? Speak to our experts now and learn more.

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