Is Lead Outsourcing in Your Law Firm’s Marketing Plan?

Jun 2, 2022 | Legal

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Managing a law practice has its difficulties. From meeting with existing clients to conducting daily services, all is challenging. With that said, it may seem overwhelming to focus on generating leads additionally. For firms who do struggle with balancing this, outsourcing leads is a strategic choice. Compared to in-house, outsourcing lead generation can save your firm time and money. Furthermore, by outsourcing legal lead generation, your firm can develop a successful law firm marketing plan bound to secure leads and build clientele. Let’s get started.

Outsourcing Legal Lead Generation

Legal lead generation in-house can be difficult and time-consuming. So instead, firms can choose to outsource. Outsourcing lead generation is the process of allowing another company to find the leads for you. Having someone outside the firm find legal prospects will enable you to save money, support in-house teams, and focus on creating a law firm marketing plan.

Not only that, but B2B lead generation companies are professionals. They find, nurture, and convey leads to become potential clients. More so, they align sales alongside marketing efforts to create business opportunities. By using a lead generation company, your firm can successfully grow.

Why Legal Firms Outsource Lead Generation

1) Lack of resources

What if you are a new or growing firm? In this case, your firm may not have the financial capacity to hire an experienced team for in-house lead generation. Outsourcing legal leads alleviates this problem by having an outside group of professionals search for you.

2) Focus on Service

What if your firm has other urgent priorities besides lead generation? It may be more beneficial to focus on providing service and overseeing day-to-day operations in the early years. Outsourcing lead generation allows you to focus on running your business while the outside experts find leads for you.

3) Time

Does your firm have little to no time for lead generation? That is the number one reason to outsource. Having another company find leads saves time on prospecting. By outsourcing, a B2B lead generation company will identify qualified leads and set up meetings, leaving legal leads in the palm of your hands. What can you do with this saved time? Push your team to develop a strategic law firm marketing plan to convert these leads in to clients.

Benefits of Outsourcing Lead Generation

1) Reduced costs

Outsourcing may seem costly at first. Additionally, having another company bring in leads could seem equally expensive as in-house generation. However, most companies who outsource find that the benefits surpass the costs. In fact, outsourcing saves money by allowing your firm to focus on other essential business operations instead.

2) Focus on converting leads into clients

How can your firm utilize this saved time? By converting these legal leads into clients. Most businesses struggle to reach the 10% conversion rate most industries set. By prioritizing lead conversion rather than lead generation, your firm can focus on client conversion and making sales.

3) Utilize Your Law Firm Marketing Plan

Does your marketing team have too much on their plate? Outsourcing leads will eliminate this issue. Instead of trying to recruit leads, your firm can spend crucial time curating a successful law firm marketing plan to secure quality legal leads.

How to Get Started

Outsourcing legal leads is a valuable strategy for any law firm. By outsourcing, your firm can save time, focus on lead conversion, and curate a successful law firm marketing plan.

At LeadingResponse, we specialize in matching legal services with qualified leads. We work with over 500 firms across the country and provide over 1,000,000 qualified leads yearly to our legal clients. Contact us today to jump-start your firm’s growth. Let’s get started


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