One year after the coronavirus pandemic closed medical centers and offices across the country, some practitioners have opened their doors and cautiously resumed welcoming patients.

However, many older consumers have still not rescheduled hip and knee replacement surgeries, dental and cosmetic procedures, and more. The CovidSurg Collaborative modeling study published by the British Journal of Surgery predicted that over 28 million elective surgeries worldwide would be canceled or postponed in 2020.

Meanwhile, the University of Washington School of Medicine saw a 65% drop in total surgeries over a 12-week period of COVID-19.

Needless to say, the pandemic has created a backlog that will take months or even years to clear.

Benefits of hosting live events

Suppose you’re able to once again host dinner seminars in your area, and your goal is to re-establish or expand your practice. In that case, live events can serve two important purposes:

  • Create a comfortable atmosphere to educate prospective patients about the treatments you provide (following appropriate social distancing guidelines), and
  • Allow you the opportunity to evaluate them face-to-face.

By hosting live events, you’ll be better equipped to decide which members of your audience present the most compelling cases, than if you were interacting with them virtually. For example, you may choose to prioritize individuals using the following criteria:

  • They are in constant pain and/or
  • Their health will continue to decline if they don’t receive treatment.

Physicians call the shots

While you choose the seminar venue and the invitation design when hosting live events, LeadingResponse manages the rest. We target your ideal prospects, using data including age, income, ZIP code, and investable assets. LeadingResponse can even incorporate ailment information. And, of course, we manage the RSVPs.

Never hosted a seminar before? Not to worry. We can assist you with that, as well. You can work with one of our turnkey presentations, or create your own.

Your medical marketing experts

For years, LeadingResponse has partnered with physicians in various practice areas, including regenerative care, dental implants, sleep apnea, med spa, sexual wellness, aesthetics, and more. Event pricing is flexible, and our format is proven.

Our medical marketing team knows the industry inside and out. Hosting live events is a great way to connect with patients. Learn more about how we can help you effectively promote your practice and grow your fee-for-service caseload.