When consumers begin researching non-emergency medical care options, the first place many look is the internet. In addition to testimonials from patients on your website, they’re likely to find feedback from patients on social platforms and healthcare review sites.

They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression. With that in mind, here are five tips to help you connect with medical prospects and convert them into new business for your practice.

1. Establish a rapport

You’re a highly-skilled medical practitioner. But don’t forget this simple fact – you are first and foremost a human being. If you can’t connect with prospects on a personal level, you’ll struggle to acquire new patients and sign cases.

But before you can build the trust that leads someone to select your practice for their medical needs, it’s essential to find some common ground. A good starting point is to ask them some basic questions. Conversations can begin as simple as “How are you doing today?” advises HubSpot in their blog, “How to Build Rapport With Just About Anyone.” How the person responds will give you some insights into their personality and mindset.

2. Listen more than talk

Remember, it’s all about your prospect – not you.

According to The Center for Sales Strategy blog, an analysis of over 25,000 sales conversations showed top-performing salespeople speak an average 43% of the time, while clients talk 57%.

To connect with prospects, follow the targeted questions you ask with statements that recognize how they may be feeling. For example, “It sounds like you…” or, “It seems like you…”

Yet another effective tactic is to pause. When your potential patient has finished speaking, say nothing but continue to actively listen. Often, the silence will prompt a prospect to continue talking, and you’ll learn even more about them.

3. To connect with prospects, be yourself

Don’t try to put on a “sales persona” when connecting with prospects. Be your genuine self, whether it’s on the phone, via email, or online. By knowing what you have to offer and your value to the right consumers, your communications will feel more authentic. And it will inspire confidence in your ability to help them.

Sometimes, chatting with a prospect will reveal they are not the right fit for your practice. That’s OK. Move on to those who can truly benefit from the type of care you provide.

4. Offer true value

If your practice website only features sales pitches and a list of treatment options, it won’t attract a visitor’s attention. To connect with medical prospects, provide helpful information on topics of interest to both current and future patients. Content may take the form of provider explainer videos, patient testimonials, articles about the type of conditions your practice treats, and downloadable brochures.

By giving prospects something of value at no cost, they’re more likely to further engage with you and your practice.

5. Address their problem

Consumers have concerns about their health, or perhaps that of a loved one, and they want to consult an expert. If you can provide answers, you’ve got an excellent chance to connect with prospects and nurture relationships into new patients.

If you actively listened to them (see tip #2), you can often get to the root of their problem and offer a possible solution. When you share what you and your practice have to offer, make sure you’re incorporating how the services and treatments you provide can benefit them. Also, demonstrate some empathy for their situation. Your concern will show them you understand and appreciate their unique circumstances.

LeadingResponse can help

Following these five tips will allow you to connect with prospects in a meaningful way. LeadingResponse enjoys the trust of providers who want to grow their practices because we help them get results.

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