Hyper-Targeting and Re-Targeting: What Are They and Why Do I Need Them?

Oct 19, 2020 | Senior Living

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How much do you know about hyper-targeting and re-targeting?

If you are still spending massive amounts of money purchasing lists of names and addresses, odds are you’re getting a very low return on your investment. Without a much deeper set of information about the people who live at those addresses, you will end up spending considerable money to reach thousands of people, just to get in front of that handful of viable prospects.

Instead of spinning your wheels with outdated and expensive methods of lead acquisition, consider using hyper-targeting and re-targeting for your direct mail campaigns.

Here is what they are and why you need them.


This is tapping into a deep base of data to target with near-pinpoint accuracy. Today, we can achieve a much greater degree of granularity in the information about prospective residents and their families. You can hyper-target direct mail messaging to match each prospect based on his or her unique data selects. In addition to traditional data selects such as age and income, you can target lifestyle, veteran status, education, financial, ailments, and familial connections.

You can also target “consumer behavior” data. In addition to the above data, you can know things like how and where people want to learn about senior living communities, and when they are most receptive. LeadingResponse has done this successfully for clients who conduct seminars and webinars.

Re-targeting (using IP matching)

When a prospect visits your website and leaves without taking any action, you might assume that lead is gone forever. Not so! Now, you can re-target those individuals by matching their IP addresses to their physical addresses. From that address, additional demographic filters, such as financial status, can be added to quickly determine if the visitor is financially qualified. IP matching also lets you identify which web pages they have visited. So, if you are looking to hire, you can create a campaign focused on individuals who have visited your careers page.

IP matching and re-targeting also give you an overall picture of how qualified your visitors are. This is valuable information that can be used strategically in your digital campaigns, including your keyword strategies, to make sure you are consistently driving the most qualified traffic to your website.

Benefits of Hyper-Targeting and Re-Targeting

The more you know about your prospects, the better you can tailor your messaging to them. As you can imagine, that feeds directly into a potentially much higher rate of conversion.

Now is a good time to look into hyper-targeting and re-targeting to get your message in front of your audience. You might start by revisiting your current lead generation programs.

Take a hard look at your cost per conversion. That list of 5,000 names and addresses costing you $3,500 may appear to give you a cost per lead of less than $1. However, consider what will you need to spend to reach them all, let alone convert them.

Using hyper-targeting and re-targeting for your campaigns will strip away those who aren’t qualified; who you may have otherwise spent considerable money on. Instead, you’ll have narrowed the field down to authentically-qualified prospects. That’s easier on your sales team, as they won’t be chasing a lot of leads that aren’t qualified. Plus, you’ll save considerable marketing dollars. But, best of all, you’ll love your conversion rates!   

Want to know more about hyper-targeting and re-targeting? Our experienced senior living consultants can help. Learn more

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