How to Maintain and Increase Senior Living Resident Satisfaction in 2023

Sep 12, 2022 | Senior Living

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Happy consumers are the goal of every business! And when you are marketing to senior living communities, it’s more complicated because the purchase is more permanent. The key to your success involves ensuring your residents are happy and content. So, how do you not only ensure current happiness, but increase senior living resident satisfaction? Implementing an effective strategy is vital to your success. Here are some ideas that will help maintain and increase senior living satisfaction.

Resident Activities Play a Significant Role.

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing a senior living community. The key to increasing resident satisfaction is ensuring they can live their best life. And that includes ensuring engaging activities and opportunities are available. What is your ideal resident looking for? Classes, workshops, and lectures on a variety of interesting subjects are all key ingredients to keep seniors active, engaged, and entertained.

What kind of events and activities work? Anything, really! Group exercise classes, Wii Sports, walking groups, book clubs, craft activities, BINGO night… the options are endless!

Additionally, with isolation and loneliness on the rise among older adults, made worse during the coronavirus restrictions of years past. Activities of all sorts are crucial components to help ease loneliness, anxiety, and depression. Keeping senior living community residents active and engaged with those around them can provide a healthy body and healthy mind connection, which is the key to a happier life.

Comfort for Senior Living Residents is Essential.

We all want to be comfortable – and when we are looking at a new living situation, that is one of our primary considerations. How can you ensure you communicate all the comfort levels to your prospective senior living community residents?

Home should feel like, well, home. In all your multichannel marketing and tours, ensure the focus remains on the comfort, how your organization connects with its residents, and amenities that make your community feel at home.

Lastly, make sure everyone feels safe and connected. With 85% of baby boomers using the internet, technology is imperative. Technology provides security with improved monitoring alert health care devices and systems. It also enablessenior living community residents to have more personal contact with family and friends by safely interacting via video calls.


of Baby Boomers use the internet regularly

Trust for Senior Living Residents is Vital.

Are you monitoring reviews from senior living residents or visitors? First, don’t neglect the value of online reviews, word of mouth, and feedback. Future residents and their families are researching you online – make sure you have your best foot forward. That means monitoring reviews regularly and asking for reviews from satisfied senior living community residents. For consumers, these testimonials can provide the first glimpse of your business. There is no better way to win someone over than showcasing past and present happy residents.

Second, social media matters too. Incoming residents and their families may be concerned with health and cleanliness – so make sure to showcase this publicly! Showcase the importance of sanitation procedures, safety processes, and testimonials highlighting how well the community is maintained. These will provide a valuable comfort level for future residents and their families. Furthermore, this engagement on the digital front improves familiarity within the consumer relationship.

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Increase Your Community’s Occupancy This Year

We hope implementing these ideas will help make for happier, healthier, long-time senior living community residents. And, of course, increase resident satisfaction and boost your community to new levels of success. The LeadingResponse team understands the challenges you’re facing, and we have marketing solutions that can get the message of your community out to more prospects. Ready to learn more?

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