LeadingResponse Provides Prospects for Attorneys Representing Third-Party Claims

Jun 17, 2021 | Legal

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Are you an attorney representing consumers with third-party claims, or would like to enter this practice area? LeadingResponse now offers leads that can help you attract and sign more cases.

As the American Bar Association explains, a third-party suit is brought against another party not connected to a business, due to injuries the claimant suffered.

Workers’ compensation laws generally prevent employees from filing a personal injury suit against their employer. The employee may, however, file for workers’ comp along with a separate third-party claim. LeadingResponse is targeting parties injured at work in the following circumstances:

  • construction site accidents
  • heavy equipment accidents
  • operating machinery
  • deliveries
  • vehicle accidents

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were nearly 80,000 nonfatal injuries to construction workers that required them to take time off to recover. In addition, there were 1,061 construction worker on-the-job fatalities in 2019, the most recent year for which there are BLS records.

There are other types of third-party claims, such as an injury (physical or otherwise) caused by a faulty service or defective product.

LeadingResponse develops marketing solutions specifically for attorneys and law firms. We market a wide variety of practice areas, which now includes third-party claims. Not only do we filter our leads, they’re exclusive and provided in real time.

We work with 500 firms across the country and provide nearly 1,000,000 pre-qualified leads to our legal clients each year.  Learn more 

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