Personal Injury Lawyer Google Searches Are On the Rise

Apr 13, 2017 | Legal

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Every personal injury lawyer works hard to secure justice and compensation for injured clients. They are tasked with seeking justice for plaintiffs who are injured or personally wronged, of course. But many civil litigation attorneys are also responsible for attracting new clientele in an increasingly competitive market.These days, injured parties search online for qualified attorneys nearby in every city and ZIP code across the United States. However, matching those parties with the right legal support team is a completely different matter.

So, here’s some good news: Google searches for civil litigation attorneys spiked to 100 queries per week in late 2016. And searches in 2017 remain strong – 74 people Google searched for a personal injury lawyer in their area just last week. Google showed a 60% increase in searches for “Personal Injury Lawyer” and “Personal Injury Settlement” last year. But the real breakout remains “Personal Injury Lawyer Near Me,” which almost doubled overnight. (Searches increased from an average of 52 per week to 100 mid-October and remain strongest in Illinois, Texas and California.)

Will 2017 See More Civil Litigation Cases Filed?

It’s definitely possible. The significant boost in “Personal Injury Lawyer” and “Personal Injury Settlements” Google searches indicates growing interest in retaining those legal services. But when it comes to predicting civil litigation trends for 2017, look no further than the “Personal Injury Lawyer Near Me” searches.

Since an increasing number of potential litigants specify “personal injury lawyer near me,” it shows both immediacy and intent. Gone are the days when a generic online attorney will do. Because of specific laws in different states and even counties, individuals educate themselves online while searching for an injury lawyer. They know that a local personal injury attorney can consult with them almost immediately. Speaking with an attorney immediately after an incident occurs greatly improves the odds of presenting a viable case in court. Getting reliable witness statements and medical records that support the plaintiff’s case is easier when it’s done in a timely fashion. Photographic evidence or video can result in a larger settlement, and open, direct communication is crucial in civil litigation cases.

Although many people still prefer word-of-mouth referrals, a 2012 Google Survey found 24.5% of individuals looking for a lawyer conducted online research. And 21.9% of those prospective clients looked specifically for a lawyer using online search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Personal Injury Lawyer Market Saturation In Metropolitan Areas Makes Lead Acquisition Competitive

While finding a personal injury attorney is easier in rural areas, market saturation in cities drives intense competition for leads. Highly visible personal injury marketing often drives the highest quality leads toward civil litigation firms with the deepest pockets. In some cases, these clients may not be paired with the most qualified legal representation for handling their particular claim. Digital lead generation companies can focus largely on SEO, blogging, and social media for a completely unified online marketing presence.

That’s why a smart, digital marketing strategy is key for increasing your firm’s personal injury attorney lead intake this year. Through consistent messaging, geo-targeted marketing specific areas and ensuring lead exclusivity, LeadingResponse can help you convert more prospects into retainers. Partnering with Leading Response gives your firm immediate access to 20 years of proven digital marketing and lead generation experience. In-house marketing and lead intake as a personal injury lawyer means spending hours on outbound calls that may not convert into signed retainers.

Optimize Conversions With Our Free, Customizable Lead Management System Software

When you partner with LeadingResponse, you’ll automatically get access to our free, proprietary Lead Management System (LMS) software. The LMS easily integrates with most popular CMS platforms, keeping your leads separate from active legal clients. Customized reporting and drip marketing campaigns help incrementally increase intake and conversion rates at the right speed for your firm.

Grow Your Law Firm Quickly Without Hiring Additional Staff

LeadingResponse limits the number of clients who can purchase leads in any given territory (typically 1-2 partners per market). That’s how we ensure lead exclusivity and priority for all of our clients. Another service we offer clients looking to grow quickly without hiring in-house staff is access to our 24/7 call center. With an average 70% contact rate and live call transfer capabilities, our US-based staff can handle lead intake and conversions. Of course, if you’re just looking for leads delivered directly on your terms, we’re happy to do that, too!

The Future of Personal Injury Lawyer Marketing Is Digital

After two decades pioneering the legal lead generation industry, LeadingReponse understands the logistics behind successful digital marketing campaigns. Searches for a personal injury attorney may be booming in Rhode Island or Arizona this week, according to Google. Their data also shows residents in Alaska, Ohio, and Maine are less likely to turn to Google for lawyer recommendations. Our analytics team optimizes each marketing campaign for your target demographic and area, then we pre-qualify leads using your criteria. We use an array of digital channels (site content, SEO, email, social media, display) to provide the best possible results.

And while some believe word-of-mouth and traditional marketing garners the best clientele, digital marketing spend is about to surpass TV. Digital marketing can also reach a much wider audience than other traditional media venues. What’s more important for a personal injury lawyer is being able to specify your niche of expertise while attracting leads. In other words, people searching for “car accident attorney” or “slip and fall attorney near me” can easily find you.

Google’s spike in personal injury lawyer searches during late 2016 indicates that more leads are looking for legal representation online. If your firm’s not yet sold on digital marketing, we can help you create an effective plan for real-time conversion. Contact us today to see what partnering with LeadingResponse can do for your law firm.

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