No two prospects are the same. Every senior living marketer knows that. Therefore, it makes no sense to keep sending the same generic emails and mail pieces to hundreds, if not thousands, of prospects – each with different motivations and needs. Thanks to technology, we can now do so much more with data segmentation.

The segmentation evolution

Marketers have engaged in segmentation for years. What is new is the extent to which we can do it. With better data, along with new algorithms, we can create deeper, more accurate information sets. Here is what we at LeadingResponse know about all those potential residents and families out there:

  • Financial status. Today, we can drill down to financial details such as total net worth, home value, home equity, and income producing assets. That means you can determine which prospects are truly qualified and which ones may not be able to afford your community. That means less wasted time by your sales team chasing unqualified leads.
  • Familial relations. It’s important to know whether you are connecting to an adult child, a friend, or the prospect themselves. Your approach will be different and you can craft it to tap into their challenges.
  • Ailment data. Yes, it’s actually possible to obtain this. And, no it’s not in violation of the HIPAA laws. All this information has been shared in some way by the prospect. You can obtain details about physical and cognitive health.
  • Pages on your website they have visited. Using IP matching, you can get key data about website visitors who don’t leave any information behind. This includes the pages they visited, which helps you segment and control your messaging. Furthermore, you can use this data to adjust your digital strategies and increase qualified traffic.

Segmentation advantages

So, how does segmentation impact sales and marketing? Using this data will allow you to achieve an almost surgical level of accuracy in every potential lead you manage. You’ll spend less time chasing leads that may not even be qualified. You’ll spend less money on direct campaigns, since you’ll avoid expensive scattershot mailings. Finally, you will experience a higher conversion rate, because your messaging is attracting better-qualified prospects.

Audience customization

By the way, better segmentation can also help you with your virtual meetings, tours and webinars by narrowing your audiences. Instead of hosting webinars to try and meet everyone’s needs, do them on a smaller scale to address specific audience concerns and interests.

You should also consider this: prospects these days expect to receive customized communications. They are used to seeing pop-up internet ads matching their interests. Therefore, your other marketing mediums should be similarly styled.

To summarize, segmentation has been around for some time. However, it’s reached a whole new level. The data is here and waiting. Now is the time to use it!

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