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Filtered, exclusive legal leads through LeadingResponse can help grow your legal firm exponentially. Find out how partnering with the industry leader can help bring your firm to new levels of success.

5 Easy Strategies to Implement Now to Get Quality Legal Leads

No matter what part of the legal business you practice, customer acquisition is always a necessity. In order to grow your ROI, there’s nothing faster and more efficient than quality legal leads. Getting quality legal leads is important and doesn’t have to be...

5 Tips To Get High Quality Estate Planning Leads

Elder law and estate planning law is an area of great opportunity. Unlike personal injury lawyers or divorce lawyers, for example, estate planning law is a niche. As an estate planning lawyer, you offer helpful and valuable content for individuals who are ready to...

Insights and Takeaways: Mass Tort Webinar

Mass Tort Webinar Takeaways – Opportunities for Business Growth  Wow, what a great mass tort webinar! Thank you for attending ‘Learn How to Build Your Mass Tort Practice through Co-Counsel Opportunities’ on October 6th. This webinar featured Cory Watson’s...

Workers Compensation Claims in Two States Fueled by COVID, Civil Unrest

In Texas, for example, total workers’ compensation claims rose 34% in 2020 from 2019, Business Insurance reported June 3. The article noted the Texas Dept. of Workers Compensation released a report citing an increase in COVID-19 claims. This halted a 20-year decline in WC claims, at least temporarily.

Law Firm Marketing Strategy Guide

Like all business owners, solo practitioners and owners of small law firms want to increase their caseloads and revenue. An essential first step toward achieving this goal is adopting a marketing strategy that fuels practice growth. Our law firm marketing strategy is written with this in mind.

Key Steps to Nurturing Law Firm Leads

Growing a law practice requires nurturing viable legal leads and converting them into new clients. Firm leadership knows its target audience and they employ various methods to find and cultivate those who fit the profile of their ideal client.

3 Types of Medical Malpractice Cases Expected to Expand This Year

Some trends were already becoming clear as we entered the second quarter of 2021. According to Independent Agent magazine, medical malpractice insurance rates are increasing by 10%, on average. They attribute this spike in part to larger payouts for claims and growing legal defense costs.

Why Law Firms Should Target Bilingual Hispanics and Spanish Speakers

America’s Hispanic population is primarily bilingual and has a combined purchasing power of $1.7 trillion. According to Harvard University’s Instituto Cervantes survey, Spanish is the most-spoken non-English language in the United States. About 61 million U.S. residents identify as Hispanic.