Multichannel marketing is a strategy in which marketers interact with customers using a combination of indirect and direct communication channels. What kinds of media? Marketers use websites, retail stores, direct mail, emails, mobile, and more. This way, marketers can reach more customers in their channel of choice.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Marketing Plan

Listen to this Article The most successful businesses have strategic, goal-oriented plans for each year and each quarter. One of those plans needs to be a...

7 Planning Tips to Help You Crush Your Goals

While businesses are still being affected by COVID-19, the end of the pandemic is on the horizon. However, we have no way of knowing what lies ahead as we emerge from this challenging period in the nation’s histo

A Powerful Strategy for Financial Advisors – Financial Seminars

Listen to this Article As an advisor, you know financial seminars are a great marketing solution to connect, engage, and educate prospects. You can build the trust...

How to Use Direct Mail Marketing to Generate Leads

Listen to this Article In the highly digital, AI-focused world we live in today, it might be shocking, but direct mail continues to be a successful marketing...

How Do Top Financial Advisors Market Themselves?

Even the best financial advisor can struggle to build a client base without effective marketing strategies. Here’s how top financial advisors can market themselves and attract more motivated clients.

5 Customer Acquisition Strategies You Can Leverage This Year

Listen to this Article Did you know that the cost of acquiring new customers is increasing!? That’s right – it’s up by 60% compared to five years...

How AI is Revolutionizing Marketing

AI is transforming how businesses approach marketing, enabling them to deliver more personalized experiences and optimize their campaigns for maximum impact.

Crafting the Ideal Financial Advisor Marketing Calendar

A financial services content calendar offers numerous benefits, like boosting revenue, enhancing SEO, and fostering brand trust. When outlining your calendar, keep key factors in mind to maximize its effectiveness. Here’s your guide to crafting the perfect financial advisor marketing calendar.

10 Reasons You Need a Financial Advisor Marketing Calendar

As a financial advisor, your expertise is probably not in marketing. But marketing is a massive part of growing your business! The solution? You need a financial advisor marketing calendar. Here are our top 10 reasons why you need a financial advisor marketing calendar.

5 Ways to Make Your Dental Practice More Successful This Year

Do you want to improve upon the success of your dental practice and grow your patient base? With these dental practice marketing strategies at your fingertips, you can advance ahead of the competition and fill your appointment book at lightning speed.

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