Webinars & Seminars: Effective Law Firm Marketing Strategies

Sep 29, 2021 | Legal

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Discover how one simple presentation can attract new clients and help retain current clients!

We all know the Internet is the go-to place for a vast majority of people to gather information, educate themselves, make informed decisions, and, yes, enjoy a good laugh or two from YouTube. However, as a lawyer, you can take full advantage of both online and in-person forums to boost your legal marketing strategy and make your firm more recognizable and reputable.

Why Webinars & Seminars Work for Top Law Firm Marketing

If your law practice is like most when it comes to law firm marketing strategies in 2021, you have probably kept your website up-to-date and tended to any social media platforms you operate. You may even produce a monthly newsletter for clients and potential clients.  But have you ever considered other avenues of increasing your client base? Whether you want to hear this or not, your law firm’s marketing strategy should include webinars and seminars. (We can hear the proverbial sighs and moans now but bear with us for a second.) These can be extraordinarily useful in attracting new clients and further establishing your firm as a top law firm that is a trusted and reliable source.

Here are our top reasons why conducting a seminar, whether online or in-person, can help your law firm attract and retain new clients.

4 Reasons Your Law Firm Should Conduct a Webinar:

1. A webinar is a great way to be where your clients are, whenever they want, to interact with you. 

Unlike in-person seminars, potential clients can access your webinar no matter where they are in the world. Translation?  With a webinar, you are easily accessible to potential clients, meeting them where they are, and you can reach out to them through these webinars at just the precise time they need your services. Webinars allow you to meet your PNC in their journey where they are and help them find the top law firm to help them no matter what time of day they find they need the services you offer.

2. Use a webinar not only as a quick and easy Q&A session, but also as a form of consultation service.

Prospective clients have myriad questions. With a webinar, you can address these inquiries one time and are able to share it with new PNCs instead of having the same conversation with every PNC you do a consultation with. With fresh and updated content available to potential clients, you have the unique ability to attract these new leads and convert them to clients!

3. Webinars not only to attract new clients – but can help you retain current ones.

Suppose you are a tax attorney, for example. In that case, you can create quarterly webinars about tax laws to showcase to your current client base to keep them educated, informed, and up-to-date on the latest information in that arena. By connecting with your clients in this meaningful way, you not only strengthen the relationship you have with them, but you also have the opportunity to open the door to new clients. You’d be surprised how quickly positive word-of-mouth travels when current clients feel and appreciate the value you give them. Top law firms use webinars to make connections and to engage with both clients and PNCs.

4. Webinars are time savers when it comes to marketing.

As a lawyer, you undoubtedly have published various articles on various topics. Hopefully, if published online, these articles have proven to be successful in terms of search engine optimization (SEO) rankings. Take the published articles that have enjoyed tremendous success in that regard and repurpose them through a webinar based on that content. This is how a lot of top law firms use articles to create a quick win. It’s also a quick and seamless way to attract new clients through this fresh avenue of disseminating information.

The Exciting Truth about Live Events for Top Law Firms Use to Boost Their Marketing

While online forums definitely have their purpose and place, we cannot rule out the advantages of hosting an in-person event to increase your client database. (Granted, during this time of a global pandemic, an online event may have to take precedence. But there is definitely a lot to be said for hosting a live event to boost your law practice’s brand, image, and credibility.)

We all know that an initial phone call or an email typically doesn’t always motivate one to act immediately. However, during an in-person event, the overall air of the occasion tends to inspire folks to action. You are right there, face-to-face with potential clients who will undoubtedly want to engage with you and your services at a time and a place that seems most suitable to them.

A live event is also a perfect way to generate some public relations activity. Since a live event is a noteworthy occasion, you can create and distribute a press release about it, thereby generating more interest in the event. Further, you can take advantage of your social media presence to promote the event, encourage awareness and inspire more RSVPs! Incorporate an engaging email prior to the event and then as a follow-up to keep your brand at top of mind with potential clients.

Considerations for Marketing Live Events:

– Educational events. 

This is where the real value you have to offer potential clients comes into play. This is a great way to showcase your expertise. However, don’t rely simply on your own experience and knowledge. To further increase the value you are offering, consider inviting another lawyer or industry vendor as a guest speaker.

– Make it a group effort.

Partner with another law firm in an uncompetitive area to host a seminar together. This opens the door to increased growth in your client database. Think even further outside the box and partner with an industry vendor who just might have the necessary marketing budget to host such an event. Consider this a strategic partnership that can be a win-win for everyone involved. Get a few industry-related sponsors and share contacts, too. Anything you can do to maximize the return on your investment should be part of the overall plan.

The Bottom Line – Webinars and Seminars Work for Top Law Firms

Webinars and in-person seminars are a great top law firm marketing strategy to have in your toolbox to attract new clients. They are also great for training and educate staff members and other internal support groups. Yes, you will have to invest a bit of time into organizing these, but the ROI has the potential to be the top law firm in your area!!

If you’ve never done a webinar or a seminar for your law firm and would like to learn about the benefits, reach out to our expert team for all the guidance needed.

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