What the Most Successful Senior Living Communities are Doing Differently During the Pandemic

Jul 6, 2020 | Senior Living

The decision of a senior living residence can be a complicated one. In-person events are often the best way for individuals to determine the best resources for themselves or their loved ones. Yet, in this current climate, these events are no longer a safe option. How can senior living communities meet, nurture, and fulfill the needs of their prospective clients in this new normal? Learn what are the successful senior living communities are doing differently during the pandemic.

The New Normal

Online campaign solutions, including white-labeled, on-demand webinars, that LeadingResponse provides, help to bridge the gap between senior living communities and their audience. By providing customized webinars, senior living residences are able to provide more of what their audience needs – information on care level, how costs are covered, and having tough conversations with their loved ones.

With webinars, interested families can have those conversations from the convenience and safety of home. And with webinars, more family members can be included in the discussion. By adopting educational webinar series and virtual one-on-one appointments, successful senior living professionals have been able to weather the current storm. By providing information and guidance through other formats, they are able to better reach new prospective clients.

Successful Senior Living

Join Debbie Howard, Co-Founder of Senior Living Marketing and Valerie Whitman, VP of Senior Living at LeadingResponse, for an educational discussion. They will review the current state of senior living marketing and challenge how facilities can utilize new solutions to reach prospective residents.

Get started: Senior Living Marketing Perspectives: What the Most Successful Senior Living Companies During the Pandemic are Doing Differently

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