So maybe you’ve tried hiring a third-party lead generation service in the past for sourcing new auto accident leads. This process can be tricky; with the wrong partner, your firm might get lost in the crowd or deluged with low-quality leads that simply won’t convert. Your potential clients know they should hire an attorney to represent their car accident injury. But with so many options showing up in search results and no way to tell exactly which law firm’s right for their case, they aren’t quite sure how to proceed. How do you make sure your law firm gets chosen?

With the right partner who’s equally vigilant and focused on sourcing quality prospects, you’ll get fresh, local and highly qualified auto accident leads delivered seamlessly, directly to you. LeadingResponse has a reputation that’s built on 20 years of successfully bringing high-quality auto accident leads to the table.

How We Get You More Auto Accident Leads

LeadingResponse combines data with a multi-tiered marketing strategy that spans several channels. Think: email, search engine marketing, social media, display, content marketing and more to attract exclusive prospects for our clients. Our in-house team combs through every channel and refines our marketing strategy over time. That way, we can ensure we deliver only the most qualified and highly motivated local auto accident leads.

And because we know that the market in say, New York is radically different than the one in Las Vegas, we pay attention to conversion techniques that work well for your specific geographical area. We then tweak our content and marketing strategies to target that location’s highest-converting demographic. So if social media works great for Vegas, we focus on that, whereas email or search engine marketing may be a better approach for New York. Unlike other lead generation firms whose clients are competing to close on the exact same leads, we keep the number of clients who can purchase our leads exclusive by dealing with a limited number of partners per market within a specific region.

We Prequalify Auto Accident Leads Online

Auto injury claims are a totally different beast than other types of torts, thanks to the statute of limitations and necessary steps that must occur immediately after an accident in order to ensure it’s a viable case. We work quickly by pre-qualifying all auto accident leads directly in our online claim form. This way, your people know important details about the claimant’s case when they follow up during the conversion stage.

Completely Free & Customizable Lead Management System (LMS) Software

We know that your firm needs data to make the best decisions. Looking for new strategies to optimize your conversion rates? Want to generate customizable reports and track your lead intake process every step of the way? Then you’ve come to the right place. Once you partner with LeadingResponse, we’ll give you access to our Lead Management System (LMS) software, which smoothly integrates with other popular CMS platforms.

You’re still able to source new leads other ways, of course. The LMS tracks all lead intake via one secure, cloud-based portal that’s accessible anytime, anywhere. Since auto accidents have potentially more leads than almost any other claim type, opting to use our LMS tool can help any firm see exactly what works and eliminate anything that doesn’t during lead intake.

Great Customer Service Drives Our Success

In addition to delivering highly qualified leads on your terms, we’ll assign your firm a dedicated account manager. This manager checks in monthly to track your progress. You’ll also receive free consultations to help maximize conversion and avoid duplicating efforts. And if you don’t have your own staff available in-house for handling lead conversions, you’re welcome to utilize ours. Our call center staff is available 24 hours, 7 days per week and works hard to convert leads and then transfers those new clients directly to your firm. We make initial contact attempts within 5 minutes after receiving a qualified lead. Our call center staff usually makes up to 6 calls per lead before moving on to another contact method.

This call center service is optional, of course. However, clients who take advantage of it typically see a significant increase in conversion rates over traditional intake methods. Want to know how we can help your firm get highly qualified auto accident leads? We’re happy to answer your questions.