3 Ways to Get Better Quality Legal Leads and Sign Cases Fast

Oct 25, 2020 | Legal

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The Legal Marketing Association/Bloomberg Law 2018 joint study, “Where Are We Now? Revealing the Latest Trends In Legal Marketing and Business Development” shows lawyers simply don’t have enough time for business development tasks that generate legal leads (83%).

Since legal leads are crucial for increasing revenue and clientele, how can busy lawyers stay competitive? Here are three legal lead ideas that show promise for hundreds of law firms nationwide today.

Tip #1: Invite Legal Leads to Monthly Law Firm-Hosted Events

Attorneys responding to the LMA/Bloomberg survey said firm-hosted events were a great way to generate new clientele and revenue. And while planning or hosting such events are often time-intensive, you can find some easy workarounds. Posting invites on your firm’s website and social media channels (i.e., Facebook events) is free, fast, and easy to do. Have your admin staff stock up on snacks and drinks based on your RSVP headcount one week prior. Getting face-to-face with legal leads is the second-best way to sign more cases, according to 45% of lawyers surveyed. (Client meetings came in #1, according to 54% of attorneys taking Bloomberg Law’s poll.)

How this tip works to save you time:

Spending 1-3 hours planning a two-hour monthly event to target legal leads can drive measurable ROI. Most attorneys Bloomberg surveyed cited social media as a key legal leads driver (52%). But in Good2bSocial’s 2018 legal marketing survey, 49% of firms reported less than 10 likes per social media post. Many lawyers spend upwards of six hours each week on social media marketing, according to other legal industry studies. Now compare these top-two strategies for generating (and converting) more legal leads when you’re already short on time. Hosting monthly in-person events is a great way to generate more quality legal leads for your firm!

Tip #2: Purchase Legal Leads in Volume for Real-Time Delivery

One shocking statistic in the Good2bSocial 2018 survey is that 22% of law firms have no dedicated digital marketing staff. That means lawyers are working after hours as well as weekends handling their own marketing and bus dev tasks! What’s more, nearly 1 in 3 firms provide no marketing training for any staff members, including partnered lawyers. In addition, Google keywords targeting legal leads online tend to be among the costliest for PPC campaigns. However, just spending more money on ad campaigns won’t bring in enough legal leads to sustain your firm’s business. That’s why partnering with a proven industry leader like LeadingResponse is a smarter move for your firm.

How this tip works to save you time:

Every industry survey in recent years found lawyers spending more time on business development tasks than with their clients. Lawyers now spend an estimated 4-6 in every 8 work hours trying to generate more legal leads. Of course, it’s not worth spending your firm’s marketing budget on legal leads that don’t convert into signed cases. But firms partnered with LeadingResponse report our SSD leads convert 22.5% higher than those from our competitors. Not sure we can deliver enough legal leads to meet your firm’s volume needs each month? Request your free lead volume estimate today using the contact form on this page!

Tip #3: Use Lead Management System Software

If your firm has internal intake staff, you might think buying leads is enough. Not so! We recently upgraded our optional Lead Management System (LMS) software. Here’s how your intake staff can convert more legal leads into signed cases:

  • Firms specializing in Social Security disability can get leads delivered in real-time directly through the LMS.
  • A lead is scored by our SmartConnect algorithm as it enters the LMS using various quality metrics.
  • The LMS sorts scored legal leads into an ordered contact list to help your staff prioritize conversions. That way, you contact leads most likely to answer calls first and then convert them into signed cases.
  • Once fast-converting leads complete the intake process, your staff can focus on converting those with lower scores. Lower-scored prospects often require 6+ calls to contact or prefer communicating via email. They’ll still convert into signed cases, but take a little more time and effort to complete the lead intake process.

How this tip works to save you time:

Contacting leads most eager to retain your legal services first is a no-brainer. The firms currently using our scoring system tell us they’ve reaped the following benefits:

  • Significantly higher contact rates for dynamically scored SSD leads
  • Reduced turnover among internal intake staff, who also say they’re happier at their jobs
  • SmartConnect leads are up to 20% more likely to convert into signed cases
  • The intake process is nearly 2x faster for scored leads than other prospects

Combine real-time lead delivery with our optional LMS to maximize your firm’s clientele and revenue growth. When you’re ready to get started, the team at LeadingResponse is here to help answer your questions and connect you with high-quality legal leads.

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