A Marketing Sales Representative is a professional who plays a crucial role in generating revenue for a company by promoting and selling its products or services. They act as the face of the company, interacting with potential clients and customers to understand their needs and showcase how the company’s offerings can meet those needs.

Kim Severino | National Marketing Consultant

Kim is a Senior Marketing Consultant with over 20 years of experience in the marketing industry, spending the last 13 in the financial sector. She started at Plum Direct Marketing in 2010 and took her love for marketing and dedication to helping others succeed in their business to LeadingResponse in January 2014.

Roberto DeJesus | National Marketing Consultant

Roberto is a healthcare and financial sales representative with over 10 years of experience who strives to provide tailored plans to get his clients in front of their ideal customers. Roberto transitioned into sales in 2012 with a strong background in customer service and joined the LeadingResponse team in 2022.

Camie Chau | National Marketing Consultant

Camie joined LeadingResponse over four years ago as National Marketing Consultant. She aims to help Financial and Medicare Professionals identify their challenges and implement strategies to support their goals to grow their business.

Chris Lawson | National Marketing Consultant

Chris is a National Marketing Consultant with 14+ years of experience in the industry. He joined the LeadingResponse team in 2009, sharpened his skills, and continued to master his craft over the years. Chris assists his clients not only through consultation but also through top-notch customer service.

Josh Danielson | National Marketing Consultant

Josh Danielson brings over 15 years of experience with LeadingResponse. His sole purpose in his function as National Marketing Consultant is to help his clients grow their business by acquiring new clients. Josh has extensive experience working with estate planning and elder law attorneys nationwide, helping them navigate and build strategies around successful seminar marketing.

Chris Figueredo | National Marketing Consultant

Chris Figueredo is a National Marketing Consultant with more than 20 years of experience in the industry. He has facilitated thousands of seminar campaigns for his clients over his career.