A Marketing Sales Representative is a professional who plays a crucial role in generating revenue for a company by promoting and selling its products or services. They act as the face of the company, interacting with potential clients and customers to understand their needs and showcase how the company’s offerings can meet those needs.

Jenn Nicholson | National Marketing Consultant

Jenn Nicholson is a national marketing consultant with over 6+ years of experience in the industry. She previously had a tenured career with the Walt Disney Company with sales and marketing training development programs Jenn is a nationally recognized expert in seminar marketing and a sought-after speaker in the Medicare and insurance industry.

Lisa Hlava | National Marketing Consultant

Lisa Hlava has been working in the advertising and marketing industry since 1993. Lisa joined LeadingResponse in 2016 after working at The Tampa Tribune for 18 years. She’s helped financial advisors and estate planning attorneys aggressively grow their practices. Her client list includes large broker dealers with national footprints, regional firms, Field Marketing Organizations and some of the country’s most elite attorneys and independent advisors.

Gwen Giordano | National Marketing Consultant

Gwen joined the LeadingResponse team in 2016. She’s an experienced marketing professional that brings insight and enthusiasm to each solution she develops with her valued clients. She’s passionate about strategy, best practices, and results. Gwen has been a marketer in the Financial Services industry for over 10 years.

Lawrence Norwood | National Marketing Consultant

Lawrence Norwood is a Senior Marketing Consultant with around 20 years of experience in the industry. Specifically, in sales & marketing as well as other areas of practice development. Lawrence helps financial professionals and financial organizations maximize their client acquisition efforts using proven lead generation solutions, based on consumer behavior analytics.

Quentin S. Bardo, Senior National Marketing Consultant

Part of the Leading Response team since 2012, Quentin has helped hundreds of Financial Professionals and Elective Medical Practices get in front of their ideal prospective client. His enthusiasm and attention to detail are shown by building a relationship with his clients and becoming an extended team member in their practice. A Tampa, FL native, he enjoys outdoor activities, theme parks, soccer, and spending time with his 9-year-old son.

Jennifer Ward | National Marketing Consultant, Financial

Jennifer is a marketing consultant with over 21+ years’ experience in the industry. She began in 2001 with Express Mail Marketing (formerly Direct Promotions) and has sharpened her skills and continued to master her craft along the years. Jennifer assists her financial advisor clients not only through consultation, but also through top-notch customer service.

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