5 Customer Acquisition Strategies You Can Leverage This Year

Mar 28, 2023 | Marketing

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Did you know that the cost of acquiring new customers is increasing!? That’s right – it’s up by 60% compared to five years ago. Your business needs fresh faces to expand. But with higher costs than ever, you need more cost-effective marketing solutions that work. Whether you outsource your customer acquisition services or do it in-house, it’s time to shake things up.

Find the Right Audience

Your audience is everything. And it seems simple enough that you’d know your ideal audience, but do you? Have some of your audience aged out of your services? Are there new niche markets you could dive into? Is the audience you are marketing to tight enough to get the traction you need?

The most straightforward way is by looking at your current consumers. Take a look at them, side by side, and consider how they are similar and different. Then you can expand this to a broader audience.

If you want a better way to determine your audience, you need the data and metrics, not just an educated guess. That’s why at LeadingResponse, core audience demographics are key to all the marketing solutions we offer.

Pick the Right Channels

Where are your consumer playgrounds? Do they catch up with family and friends on Facebook or Instagram? Are they involved in business conversations on LinkedIn? Could they be researching options on YouTube? It is imperative to know where they spend their time and what marketing channels will connect.

Don’t waste time marketing on channels where your audience is slim. If your target audience is individuals 55 and up, chances are you can ignore TikTok and SnapChat. Be decisive with where and how you put your marketing dollars.

Nowadays, your audience is likely in multiple places at once. Online, in-person, and on social media are all places we connect. This brings us to our next point…

Utilize Multichannel Marketing

Everyone knows the phrase, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” And the same is true for customer acquisition services. Make sure your future client can find you anywhere – by using multichannel marketing solutions. Want more proof?

So there you have it! Multichannel marketing gets you in front of more prospects faster and easier. Plus, you’re more likely to convert consumers. It’s a win-win situation!

Make Happiness the End Goal

Consumers are looking for an experience in a brand more than ever before. And happy customers are the lifeblood of your business. The whole company should be on board with a dedication to the customer experience. From onboarding to project completion, what was the takeaway? Was it a success? Were they thrilled with the results? Did it require more work than they were hoping?

Satisfied consumers aren’t just about providing testimonials. Happy consumers are more likely to refer people to your business, provide online recommendations, and continue to purchase from you. Don’t let them slip away from you.

Utilize Data and Analytics

What would we do without analytics? We’d be guessing at everything! What do your customer acquisition and retention data tell you about your company’s performance? Is the churn high? If so, finding the source and correcting it can bring about an increase in ROI.

And let’s not forget about data on how your marketing is performing. Where are the most conversions coming from? What channels have the best conversion rates? And have you implemented any performance marketing solutions to help reach goals without the extra spend? If not, now is the time.

Customer Acquisition Services Recap

There are a lot of marketing solutions that can bring more newcomers to your business or practice. And while each business is different, each customer acquisition strategy will be unique also. By knowing and understanding your audience, analyzing the available data, and focusing on happy consumers, you can get ahead in 2022.

Whether you outsource your customer acquisition solutions or handle them in-house, LeadingResponse can help you refine your strategies. Our marketing consultants can help you choose the right marketing mix to consistently get in front of more qualified prospects. Let’s get started.

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