Meet LeadingResponse’s New Client Portal, Hub!

Sep 20, 2022 | News

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We are excited to introduce our newly updated, streamlined client-facing portal, Hub.

The goal at LeadingResponse is to help build human connection between businesses and consumers in need of services. And technology is the most innovative and successful way to do this. A client-facing portal that provides performance analytics and management capabilities helps ensure success for our clients.

Ever begin a marketing campaign, and wonder how it’s doing? Is it trending well? Will it bring the results you want? With Hub, you’ll get real-time access to ongoing and upcoming campaigns, allowing you to monitor and make adjustments at any time.

Want to ensure that consumers show up? You can message them directly from Hub – email or text, depending on what they prefer. Don’t worry about trying to find email or text strings. Hub retains messaging history, plus it’s easily searchable. So, you can rest easy knowing all your communications are being stored and accessible whenever you need them.

What about past campaigns? How did they perform, and what can be done to improve on them next time? Once again, with Hub, the answers are right in the palm of your hand. Deep dive into performance analytics and compare across marketing solutions. Lead quality scoring helps you determine which prospects to focus on at a glance. And since it’s fully responsive, you can check anytime, anywhere.

What Sets Hub Apart From The Rest?

Hub is a robust, technology-driven, client-facing marketing portal. It gives you real-time access and analytics that will help maximize your marketing campaigns. Below are some of the features included with Hub:

Improved Navigation & Ease of Use

  • Seamless, simple log in
  • Convenient, user-friendly navigation and search features
  • Interactive, real-time maps
  • Video-centric help pages at the touch of a button
  • 100% system-enabled consumer text and message capability. The portal stores messaging history with the ability to search, so finding past messages is a snap.

Enhanced Performance Analysis

  • Improved data collection and visibility
  • View an interactive, live calendar of events featuring a map, upcoming and future events, assets, and event counts
  • Seamlessly group orders and campaigns to compare events
  • Monitor and track the client’s journey to improve lead management
  • Rapid export of performance analytics
  • Prospect Quality Ranking
  • Fully mobile responsive. Now you can view analytics, order a new campaign, and track progress on the go.

Personalized, Secure Experience

  • A robust, customizable dashboard allows for single page sorting of Events, Leads, Messages and To Do’s, Performance Analysis, Sales Orders, Integrations & Exports, Account Settings, Response Settings, Message History, and immediate assistance options.
  • Enhanced security on a modern identity management platform
  • Seamless, fast integration CRM, including open API and guided onboarding by our staff

Order Management

  • Monitor live, upcoming, and future events conveniently
  • Save time and energy with  convenient reorder feature within the portal
  • Track, manage, and pay expenses seamlessly


Marketing Management At Your Fingertips

Learn how Hub can help you manage and enhance your marketing campaigns!

How to Get Started on Hub

That’s the easiest part! Every LeadingResponse client has access to Hub! Get the data you need to grow your business in the palm of your hand. When you’re ready to get started, simply contact your marketing consultant or email us for more information.

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