3 Reasons Your Elective Practice Needs a Patient Acquisition Partner

Oct 18, 2020 | Healthcare

With coronavirus-related restrictions lifting across the country, elective care practitioners can resume seeing patients and scheduling procedures. Therefore, now’s the time to connect with patients who need your services, and restore revenue you lost due to the shutdown. It’s time to adopt a patient acquisition strategy.

In order to grow your practice, you must attract new patients. Marketing companies can increase the visibility and further the goals of any business. In no particular order, here are our top three reasons you should consider bringing a marketing company on board.

1. Identifying Future Patients

Your priority is running your business, not patient acquisition. Many physicians will be treating patients who postponed office visits and treatments due to COVID-19. Even if a practice is fully staffed, few have the spare time to devote to marketing. Let a partner familiar with your industry manage it for you. A marketing company with experience in your industry can find patients faster and easier than you can, even during these unusual times.

2. Connecting With Prospects

Do your research. The right marketing company should have data indicating the location, age, homeownership, and income of “lookalike” consumers similar to your ideal patients. Some will have even more specialized data available, which makes patient acquisition even easier. Your marketing agency should be able to compile and analyze the data and find motivated and financially qualified prospects. They could be anywhere. A multichannel approach incorporating direct mail, digital advertising, and social media can greatly expand your business footprint.

3. Choosing Patient Acquisition Events

What kind of events are your patients looking for? Consider the current climate and the concerns regarding coronavirus. With restrictions loosening around the country, dinner seminars are making a comeback. When patient acquisition seminars are educational and informational in nature, they’re proven to attract future patients, generate appointments, and convert into large fee-for-service cases. Keep in mind, though, some prospects will be wary of live events because of health concerns or other reasons. For the best results, combine a seminar at a restaurant in their area with a webinar option they can participate in from the comfort of their home. 

Making Patient Acquisition Happen

LeadingResponse offers elective medical physicians full-service, turnkey seminar and webinar programs, saving you time and expense when it comes to patient acquisition. We make it easy for prospects to RSVP and attend the type of event they prefer. For additional seminar event savings, consider taking advantage of our partnership with Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar and delivering a best-in-class restaurant experience to your audience.

There’s a good chance your practice could see a lift in revenue from a single seminar or webinar event. When you’re ready to learn more about how to kickstart your patient acquisition efforts and boost your practice’s bottom line, get in touch with Vice President of Elective Medical Sales John McCloskey at 813.885.8270, or email him at [email protected].

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