5 Ways to Get More Patient Leads

Aug 25, 2022 | Healthcare

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Growth is necessary for any practice. Are you trying to reach a new patient goal right now? Well, you’re in luck. As of this year, the United States has continued to see a surge in medical lead volume. Americans continue to face life changes and need the support, medical expertise, and help your medical practice can provide. So, how can you get these potential patients into your clientele? It all has to do with customer acquisition and marketing. To continue growing your medical practice, you must focus on two things – customer acquisition and customer retention. What does that mean? Your practice must actively seek potential new patients while also catering to and retaining the patients you already serve.

Customer acquisition and retention are vital to sustaining and growing a successful medical practice. So, are you ready to learn more? Keep reading to learn 5 tips that can directly help your business get more patient leads.

5 Strategies to Grow Your Patient Volume

Choosing a medical provider can be scary, but it shouldn’t feel this way. As your patient, they provide detailed medical records and personal information to you, a stranger. And as their medical professional, it is your job to keep these confidential and provide solicited professional advice. So, how can this be done? It all starts with building trust and spreading awareness. Establishing trust immediately will develop a stronger relationship with patient leads. Also, by building trust, leads will be confident and willing to form a relationship.

1) Connect In Person by Hosting Live Events

One of the best ways to establish trust face-to-face is through events. Host a seminar, dinner event, or webinar. By participating in an event, patients can talk to you directly and see if your practice can provide what they need. It also allows you to spread your practice’s message and network with potential medical patients! At the end of the day, by participating in live events, patients will be eager to learn and know how you can directly help them.

Are you a new practice that doesn’t have the resources to put on a seminar? Or maybe live events don’t seem like your speed? Try hosting a webinar! Webinars are a great alternative to reaching medical leads from all over the country without the hassle of coordinating travel and lodging.

LeadingResponse’s webinar solution, WebinarConnect, provides the same level of interaction online you’ve come to expect from seminars. And did you know you can set up ongoing webinars that will reach new prospective patients, while you focus on your practice? It’s a simple, effective, and stress-free way to grow your business while staying within your marketing budget!

2) Build Your Brand by Starting a Blog

Blogs might feel cheesy for a medical practice – but believe us, it’s not. Medical blogs are much different than your average LA lifestyle blogger. They help highlight what’s going on in your practice and the people involved in it. Blogs can also help educate not only professionals in the medical field but also your patients and medical leads!

By blogging, you will be keeping your audience in the loop about your business. Weekly blogs can inform medical leads about any updates to business hours, new practices, and new medicine, which helps build trust and credibility. Not only that, but a blog can teach leads about your products and services. The number one reason your medical practice should have a blog is it increases visibility. The more content you create by blogging, the more opportunities you’ll have to show up in search engines and drive traffic to your websites. Establish credibility, increase visibility, and grow your medical patient volume by creating a business blog site. So, get to writing!

3) Grow Your Presence by Utilizing SEO

Another perk of blogging is search engine optimization (SEO). What is SEO? SEO is the practice of improving your site to increase visibility when people search for services related to your business in a search engine. The better your SEO score is, the higher it will appear in the #1 spot. So, by utilizing search engine optimization through blogging, you will increase your chances of medical leads finding your site! SEO is a fundamental part of digital marketing when growing your practice. This is because every year, people conduct trillions of searches. Want your professional site to have higher visibility? Then attract more patient leads by utilizing SEO!

4) Reach More Prospects by Creating an Interactive Website

One of the best things you can do to ensure medical leads become patients is to create an interactive website. By creating a clean, informative, and organized website, medical leads will be able to navigate your site and find the information they need. Creating an interactive website will also aid in providing a smooth experience for the user. This is called user experience, or UX. Specifically, UX can be defined as any user interaction with a product or service. In this case, your practice’s website.

Converting a medical lead to a patient via your website all comes down to how the website makes them feel, from the content written, to the font, pictures, and tone of voice. Creating a smooth experience and allowing interaction is the perfect way to ensure medical leads can find you and provide feedback. Providing a seamless UX experience through a professionally developed interactive website will also aid in helping build credibility for your practice.

5) Join Social Media – And Be Active!

Social media is here to stay. So, why not take advantage of it? Creating a business page for your medical practice is a great way to reach more patient leads. What social media channel is right for your practice? It’s hard to say. The top social networks are Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. And chances are, your prospective patients are searching for you there.

These social media pages for your business will be a great way to connect with patients, medical leads, and anyone interested in your business or services. They will also serve as a way to help increase sales and leads! For example, a study done at Sprout Social showed that after following a brand on social media, 89% of consumers will buy from the brand, and 85% will recommend it to friends and family.

A business social media page allows consumers to familiarize themselves with your products and services, which helps build a stronger consumer-brand relationship. Overall, joining social media has no downsides for businesses. Increase brand awareness, build a community, stay ahead of competitors, and increase your patient lead conversion rate through social media!

Are You Ready to Grow?

Is your medical practice ready to increase its patient volume? Connect with more qualified healthcare leads and increase your ROI by partnering with LeadingResponse. We can help jumpstart your new marketing strategy. From dinner seminars and webinars to online target advertising and direct mail, our multichannel marketing approach can help increase your patient volume. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

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