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Why AI Won’t Replace Search Engines – Yet.

With the rapid advances in AI and machine learning technology, the question at the forefront of every SEO specialist’s mind is whether or not artificial intelligence is poised to replace search engines as we know them. Is this true, or is it merely transforming how search engines operate?

It’s Science: How to Convert More Clients

Imagine a magic formula that converts leads into actual, paying clients! Good news: there is! And even better than magic- there is a scientific formula that can help explains how to convert leads. There are several scientifically sound techniques showing how to convert leads consistently. Keep reading as we explain how to regularly transform your most valuable leads into clients and grow your business.

Three Little Changes That Can Help Law Firms Increase Conversions

Lawyers spend significant money trying to bring in new clientele. Many lawyers pour more money into their ad spend, hoping that increased volume will produce a few signed retainers. But the truth is, you can find sneaky ways to increase conversions and attorney lead generation for your firm.

SSDI Leads Expected to Pay Higher Legal Fees in 2023

Because there’s a COLA increase of 8.7% for 2023, raised SGA threshold, and a higher maximum monthly SSDI benefit, Social Security disability advocates and attorneys will enjoy a 16.7% increase in fees, too. And that means now is the time to connect with more SSD leads.

More Law Firms Seeking Mass Tort Leads as MDLs Skyrocket

Mass tort leads are big business for legal firms. And they’re constantly changing thanks to breakthrough settlements, ongoing scientific studies, and new FDA rulings. That’s why many mass tort attorneys instead choose to partner with LeadingResponse.

Stop Competing for High-Quality Auto Accident Leads

Listen to this Article So maybe you’ve tried hiring a third-party lead generation service to source new auto accident leads. This process can be tricky;...

Top 5 Business New Year’s Resolutions For 2023

Listen to this Article The new year is almost here. It’s a time of possibility. New beginnings. New opportunities. Individuals worldwide watch as the clocks near...

5 Reasons To Grow Your Law Firm With LeadingResponse

Listen to this Article So you’re trying to figure out how to grow a law firm. Where do you start? Maybe you want to spend more time handling cases and...

The 5 Biggest Growth Challenges For Law Firms

Listen to this Article The legal profession has grown and shifted and adjusted in the past decades. The industry looks a lot different from a generation ago...
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