More Law Firms Seeking Mass Tort Leads as MDLs Skyrocket

Jan 5, 2023 | Legal

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​Mass tort legal leads are big business for legal firms. And they’re constantly changing thanks to breakthrough settlements, ongoing scientific studies, and new FDA rulings. There has been a 142% increase in MDLs in the civil caseload since FY12, and it’s not slowing down any time soon. But connecting mass tort legal leads with the right attorney can be difficult — especially with the number of competitors all struggling to capture the same potential litigants. And getting qualified clientele in the door with real injuries worth compensation from manufacturers can distract lawyers from the business of running a successful firm. That’s why many mass tort attorneys instead choose to partner with LeadingResponse.

We deliver mass tort leads to attorneys and law firms that are completely unique. Instead of relying on affiliates or third-party mass tort advertisers, we generate leads in your specific region through targeted online marketing campaigns and multichannel marketing methods. Once we connect with mass tort prospects, we deliver only the highest-quality leads directly to you.

For Mass Tort Legal Leads, Quality Matters

Our metrics speak for themselves – our team sells roughly 100,000 mass tort legal leads every year, with all leads generated in-house. Plus, we offer co-counsel opportunities. We understand that a highly motivated, quality lead who’s still within the statute of limitations for the state in which the alleged injury happened is most likely to convert into an active client. That’s why we ask the right questions to ensure you get a quality lead on the phone each and every time.

Geo-Targeted Marketing Ensures Client Exclusivity

When it comes to successfully representing mass torts, exclusivity is a must. We use strategic marketing paired with digital advertising campaigns to maximize our mass tort legal lead generation efforts. This allows us to provide exclusive, real-time leads to our partners. As mass torts change, so does our availability of leads. We offer leads in a variety of areas:

Tylenol | Camp Lejeune | Exactech | 3M Earplugs | Truvada | Roundup | Zantac | Mesothelioma | Firefighting Foam | Elmiron | Natural Disasters | Lung Cancer | Brain Injury | Birth Injury | Chemical Hair Straighteners | And more

Generate Leads In-House

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Time Is of the Essence in Mass Tort Cases

When representing a mass tort, time is of the essence. The statute of limitations for various injuries ultimately makes each client a priority, and so we treat them as such. Our online marketing reminds potential clients of the importance of filing their claim today. By prioritizing the focus on time, we avoid wasting yours. That way, you can focus on building a viable case instead of trying to acquire new clients.

Have questions about how we can work together in generating more mass tort legal leads for your firm? Contact us today for a free consultation.

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