Because there’s a COLA increase of 8.7% for 2023, raised SGA threshold, and a higher maximum monthly SSDI benefit, Social Security disability advocates and attorneys will enjoy a 16.7% increase in fees, too. And that means now is the time to connect with more SSD leads. LeadingResponse has the high-return SSD leads your firm needs to capitalize on this opportunity.

Targeted Online Marketing Attracts Higher Quality SSDI Leads

It can be difficult to find viable SSD leads online. There’s a reason the Internet has been compared to the Wild West. With seemingly endless competitors, cheap solutions, and content pages, competition is fierce. Getting to the top of relevant search results, even when searching locally or using specific keywords, can be difficult. Law firms seeking prospective clientele interested in filing for Social Security disability benefits can find the whole lead intake process time-consuming, costly and frustrating. When your specialty is law instead of lead generation, why not leave that step up to a company whose proven track record spans two decades?

LeadingResponse specializes in connecting attorneys with people who need help navigating the complicated path toward winning SSDI benefits. Our SSDI leads go through rigorous filtering criteria, ensuring the best lead, every time. Plus, our SSDI leads are always exclusive to your firm. And we have 49+ year-old leads available nationwide.

How We Get You Qualified SSDI Leads

With 20+ years in business, LeadingResponse understands how effective legal marketing tactics attract highly qualified SSDI leads. We use our decades of experience to optimize multichannel marketing campaigns online. Since certain target demographics respond differently to various forms of media with regard to marketing, our team of analysts is constantly changing the way we attract and engage with SSDI leads in order to guarantee the best possible outcome for our clients. Our in-house team uses acquisition tools like search engine marketing, social media, display ads, affiliate partners, email, TV, and much more. Plus, we create new and engaging content on a regular basis covering the current Social Security disability benefits climate and any laws that could be helpful to applicants. And with consistent conversion optimization and quality testing for each client, we make regular adjustments to ensure the SSDI leads we provide are more likely to convert into clients.

Why LeadingResponse Works So Well for SSD Benefit Attorneys

SSDI leads are a completely different type of clientele than personal injury or mass tort prospects. First, they’re more likely to be rejected on the first application and seek professional help during the appeals process. Since most eligible SSDI leads are a bit older, we use specific keywords to target that audience. As a result, more than 65% of our delivered SSDI leads are over age 50.

Plus, we have Verified Live Call Transfer solutions available to interested law firms. Do you want to spend more time on the phone with vetted leads? Our program takes incoming calls and verifies them with a set of filtering questions. Once vetted, we transfer them directly to your firm’s intake desk.

Our SSDI lead filtering criteria include:

  • Has worked at least 5 out of 10 years
  • Earns less than $1,300 per month
  • Is a US citizen or has a Resident Card
  • No prior or current attorney representation
  • Does not already receive social security benefits
  • Prescribed medication or is being treated by a doctor
  • Expects to be out of work for at least 12 months
  • Caller must answer “Yes” to being transferred or speaking to an attorney

Ready to get started? To learn more about how LeadingResponse can help boost your business with high-quality SSDI leads, contact us today.