Imagine a magic formula that converts leads into actual, paying clients! What if I told you there was? Good news: there is! And even better than magic- there is a scientific formula that can help explains how to convert leads. But, of course, there’s a catch. It’s not just one specific process. There are several scientifically sound techniques showing how to convert leads consistently. Below, we’ll explain how to regularly transform your most valuable leads into clients and grow your business.

Like most small business owners, you’ll want to put these foolproof conversion techniques into practice immediately. After all, knowing how to convert clients is critical for growing revenue and staying competitive in today’s market.

Without further delay, here are the five techniques you must try to convert more clients — and the scientific data to back them up:

Use Open Body Language

Prospects want to see that you’ll solve their problems and that your services provide a clear value. For example, one method that works for most professionals to convert more clients is the “SOLER” approach. Here’s what that means: First of all, your intent matters. Before you even set up an initial meeting with a potential client, you must decide on your intent as a professional. That means determining how you intend to fulfill your role, no matter the circumstances.

Now, let’s look at the meaning of the acronym. It stands for:

  • Square: Sit squarely facing the person you are speaking with, focusing your attention on them.
  • Open: Open posture, without crossed arms or legs, which can appear defensive.
  • Lean: Lead forward toward your prospect. Allow them to lower their voice and discuss personal issues, if necessary.
  • Eye contact: Eye contact shows your interest in their words and that you are actively listening to their concerns.
  • Relaxed: A relaxed body language shows you are not in a hurry for them to finish or move away and that you are interested in their situation.

The SOLER approach is a method that helps communicate in small yet defined ways that you’re actively listening, absorbing, and interested in what they are saying. This naturally results in a higher rate of conversion into clients.

Mirror Your Prospects

Mirroring movements establishes rapport and helps align the speed and formality of an in-person meeting. Think about it – have you ever sold something to someone that didn’t get along with you? Or did you buy something from someone you didn’t like? Probably not. Sales are highly contingent on relationships.

And mirroring is scientifically proven to help build relationships. When you mimic how the other person feels, responds, and speaks, you create a bond with them and encourage trust. How does it work? Reiterate what your audience is telling you. Repeat back their concerns or needs. Mimic their body language while maintaining an open posture. Be positive! And always listen much more than you talk.

Side note about listening: Did you know that 95% of buyers state they feel salespeople talk too much? And 74% of buyers said they were likelier to work with a salesperson who listened more. All sales conversations, in-person and on the phone, should follow the ideal 80/20 ratio of listening to talking.

Ask More Questions

Studies show we spend 60% of conversations talking about ourselves because it makes us feel good. According to research, talking about ourselves activates our brain’s reward systems. But, as we’ve learned, we need to talk less about ourselves and our business and focus more on our prospects.

So, what’s the takeaway for converting more clients? Start initial meetings asking about the prospect’s needs and goals, and answer questions instead of selling your services or experience. Knowing how to convert prospects means learning their needs before you can confidently offer the right solution.


Studies show that smiling makes us appear competent and confident. Ask any successful salesperson how to convert more clients, and they’ll tell you these two traits are essential. Plus, smiling is socially contagious! Make it a habit to smile when you answer your phone, when a prospect leaves the room, when greeting people – really, all the time. Doing this makes each lead more likely to associate with you — and become a signed client positively. A genuine grin also reduces stress, a common issue during sales calls.

Can’t Close Now? That’s Okay.

Let your lead walk away with follow-up guidance and a deadline to take action. For example, give prospects a checklist of things to do next, even if they don’t retain your services. Include your phone number, email address, and signature at the bottom so they have it when they are ready to commit.

According to scientific research, creating a sense of urgency via the deadline in your prospects works when follow-up instructions are given. You will likely stay front-of-mind and convert more clients by providing prospects with concrete, useable information and a deadline.

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