VA Benefits Leads Rising Due to Staggering Denial Error Rates

Jan 18, 2021 | Legal

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Our lead generation reputation is built on delivering consistent results and helping firms maximize client conversion and retention rates. Streamlining your firm’s intake process can reduce acquisition costs while improving lead quality. When you partner with LeadingResponse, we deliver qualified VA benefits leads pre-screened to fit your firm’s exact criteria.

LeadingResponse is a proven lead generation company with over two decades of experience helping attorneys fill their pipeline. First, our marketing experts use targeted campaigns to identify and attract highly qualified and motivated veterans applying for disability and deliver them to you as VA benefits leads.

Because we don’t rely on affiliates, bulk email buys, or third-party advertisers, we control every aspect of each campaign’s messaging to meet your firm’s unique goals and standards. Our systematic process finds VA benefits leads that match any particular terms or geographic location you specify and are also looking for an attorney to take on their case. This allows you to focus on what you do best — winning any benefits owed to clients — while we focus on our specialty: high-quality lead generation.

How LeadingResponse Works

LeadingResponse uses an array of digital channels (think: search engine marketing, social media, display, email, content marketing, and more) to attract veterans’ disability benefits leads. We target prospects from a broad range of different backgrounds who need legal help. Because we work across a broad range of online channels nationwide, we can generate high-quality VA benefits leads. And we can do this for attorneys anywhere in the U.S. We stay up-to-speed with the Department of Veterans Affairs and any policy changes that may affect our clients, so you don’t have to worry – we handle it all!

VA Benefits Leads Boost Your Caseload Potential

The odds of winning cases for VA benefits leads who become your clients remain high, with only 39% allowed and 28.1% were remanded. Some eligible veterans may receive up to $3,946.09 per month, according to new rates made effective December 1, 2021. Due to the variation in every agency and department’s margin of error, the opportunity to aid disabled veterans is staggering. For highly qualified pre-screened VA benefits leads in your area, partner with LeadingResponse.

Our Client Portal, Hub, Provides Total Transparency

We’re results-driven at LeadingResponse, and we’re guessing you are, too. We recommend all firms take advantage of our optional yet completely free client software, Hub. Easily integrate with commonly used CMS platforms, including Salesforce, Redtail, and more. Get all the tools you’ll need to measure lead quality. You can also monitor lead intake and generate customized reports. Our 100% secure, web-based software makes the entire process completely transparent and customizable. This means you can see exactly what is (and what isn’t) working for you, then fine-tune to make incremental improvements. Plus, you’ll get a dedicated account manager to help your firm improve lead quality and streamline conversions. Together, you can pinpoint what works best for your specific clientele.

VA benefits leads vary significantly by age, disability, and geographical cost of living. This level of detail and attention is especially useful when building new caseloads.

The Future of VA Benefit Leads

Thank you for serving the people who risked it all to protect our country. We are honored to support those who support our veterans. Have additional questions about how LeadingResponse can keep your pipeline filled with qualified, eager VA benefits leads? Contact us.

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