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Oct 6, 2022 | Marketing

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Technology and your consumers are constantly changing. And to reach more people consistently, your marketing channels and strategies have to keep up. That’s why it’s more important than ever to consider multichannel marketing. Why? Because only using one or two programs limits you to a small group of prospects. For instance, if you only market on Facebook, you miss out on people searching you on Google, those looking for local educational events, and those seeking information on webinars.

Find more prospects in more places. Here’s how multichannel marketing works!

What is Customer Acquisition Marketing?

Let’s start at the beginning. Why is customer acquisition so important? Because while the value is best in retaining current customers, it’s no secret that you need fresh leads for a business to survive. New business, new clients. Customer acquisition is just that. The process of reaching, connecting, and engaging new customers seeking your services. And turning them into clients.

Why Multichannel Marketing Works

So why multichannel marketing for customer acquisition? The short explanation is because it works! But we’ll give you the extended version as well. The more prospects you reach, the more possibilities you have to win them over. The most places you can get people, the better your chances are.

Consider you love to fish, but stay at one pond because it’s the most comfortable. It’s always worked! You’ve always caught what you needed. But you could handle more. Maybe it’s time to extend your reach. New resources and new solutions. If you went to more than one pond, perhaps even the ocean, you’d catch fresh, more significant, varied fish, right? The same is true with your marketing solutions.

When you limit yourself to one or two marketing solutions, you limit your business’s growth. So set your business free and start real growth with a multichannel marketing solution.

What Marketing Channels Do You Need?

Our simple multichannel marketing configurator for financial advisors will help you pinpoint your current needs and outline the right strategy to attain your goals. Get started for free.

Online Marketing Channels

Did you know that as of 2022, 92% of Americans use the internet? Now that we all agree that online marketing is imperative, how do you effectively market there?

SEO & Website Marketing. Over 2.14 billion people use the internet to shop, browse services, and make financial decisions. Do you have a website? Is it responsive to computers and mobile viewing? How is your ranking on Google? Have you maximized your SEO? Your website is your online business card, so make sure it looks professional, modern, clean, and educational.

Digital Advertising. Your future clients are searching for you online. Are you advertising and finding them? Digital advertising has filtering options that allow you to pinpoint your ideal target audience with accuracy and get more interested prospects reaching out to you. What could be better than that?

Social Media Marketing. Sure, you might think it’s just for the younger generations, but that’s not true. Over 82% of the population has at least one social media account. And that includes 40% of baby boomers active on social networks. Set up a profile, share valuable information, and get your name and brand recognized.

Social media paid ads are also an excellent investment for most businesses. With social media platforms increasingly becoming more and more “Pay to Play,” if you want to see success on social media, be prepared to hand over some money to get better results.

Email Marketing. What’s better than free marketing? Email marketing reaches your prospect wherever they are. But, because it’s free, there’s also much competition. Your best bet for getting seen and remembered is to create content that is educational, interesting, and of high value to your prospect. Do you have a current special? Are you giving something away for free? What can you offer them to entice them to read your email and give you a call or fill out a form to learn more?

Content Marketing. This is part of your entire process – the content you create. Make sure to let your personality shine through, and the quality of your service and skills shine. Your readers should enjoy and benefit from the content you create and share, or they won’t bother to read it the next time. Remember, quality is more important than quantity. So, take your time, and do it right.

Video Marketing. Did you know that over 70% of baby boomers use YouTube? Video marketing is the future of communication, and most companies agree. Creating branded and educational content will draw consumers in and build trust.

Webinar Marketing. Educate and connect with your consumers in real-time. Webinar marketing is convenient for everyone, helps you reach a wider audience, and is cost-effective. Plus, it can be as interactive as you choose, with polls, FAQ segments, and other ways to interact and understand what your audience is looking for. And help you to provide it for them.

Offline Marketing Channels

Digital marketing needs to have a place in your multichannel marketing strategy, but does that mean offline or traditional channels aren’t worth your time? Absolutely not! It’s more important to choose the correct channels that work for your business.

Word of Mouth. What could be better than a referral from a client? Ensure your customers have the opportunity and ability to share their experiences with others, whether it’s through an online review system or printed on postcards you mail out. Consumers trust reviews over almost anything else, with 79% of shoppers.

Television Commercials. Do they still have a place? Of course, they do! Consider that most television commercials can be revamped for online marketing, including embeds on websites, digital ads, and YouTube marketing.

Direct Mail. Think direct mail is dead? Think again! The US Data Corporation found that 39% of consumers try a business for the first time because of a mailer that they received. A personalized, thoughtful invitation to an event or appointment could be all a prospect needs to move farther down your company’s sales funnel.

In-Person Appointments. We all want to do business with people that we trust. And a personal, one-on-one appointment is often the best way to make the most critical decisions in life. Setting up these appointments can be part of a business marketing plan, including outsourcing appointment setting to a qualified customer acquisition company.

So, Which Multichannel Marketing Channels are Right for You?

With so many options to choose from, do you market to all of them? Do you ignore this blog entirely and continue with business as usual? Let’s be honest; neither are great options. Now that we know the types of multichannel marketing solutions let’s narrow down what channels are best for your particular business.

The best way to do this is for financial advisors is by accessing our FREE Multichannel Marketing Acquisition Channel Configurator. However, if you want a more personalized approach, our expert team can help you set up a customized approach for your particular business and needs.

Which Channels Are You Missing?

Not sure which marketing channels are best for your financial business? Take our simple multichannel marketing configurator for a test run and find out.

The Cost of Customer Acquisition

Once you’ve got multichannel marketing solutions set up and working for your business, it’s important to reevaluate and put more money into the ones working best. How do you do that? By determining the cost of customer acquisition for each channel. Once you know how each channel performs, you can make educated decisions on when and how to increase your client base.

The Best Customer Acquisition Solution

So, what is the best customer acquisition solution? Well, the answer isn’t that easy. Consumers are on more devices than ever and often bounce from one channel to another. LeadingResponse’s multichannel marketing solution portfolio is unique by offering our clients the ability to deploy solutions that interact and engage with more consumers in more places. When you’re ready to have a more substantial reach and build your online presence and drive more revenue, we’re here to help. Let’s build your business a complete multichannel marketing campaign.

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