Mass torts are big business for legal firms. And they’re constantly changing thanks to breakthrough settlements, ongoing scientific studies, and new FDA rulings. But connecting mass tort leads with the right attorney can be difficult — especially with the number of competitors all struggling to capture the same potential litigants. And for lawyers who are best at, well, practicing law and getting justice for clients in the courtroom, getting qualified clientele in the door with real injuries worth compensation from manufacturers can distract them from the business of running a successful firm. That’s why many mass tort attorneys instead choose to partner with LeadingResponse.

We deliver mass tort leads to attorneys and law firms that are completely unique. Instead of relying on affiliates or third-party advertisers, we generate leads in your specific region through targeted online marketing campaigns and multi-channel acquisition methods. We also attract high-intent mass tort leads through our drug and device injury news website, DrugJustice.com. By constantly updating it with current information from the most reliable sources and medical journals, we give our potential leads crucial litigation information that entices them to submit a free claim review form. Once visitors submit that form, we screen each prospect using your firm’s predetermined criteria to ensure we deliver only the highest-quality leads directly to you.

For Mass Tort Leads, Quality Matters

We understand that a highly motivated, quality lead who’s still within the statute of limitations for the state in which the alleged injury happened is most likely to convert into an active client, which is why we carefully sift through all cases submitted through our free claim review forms to screen out any unqualified applicants. That way, we only send you qualified leads for each region and mass tort you specify when you partner with us. By asking a few brief preliminary questions that meet your criteria, your team has access to basic information about each prospect’s case potential.

And because we keep ourselves abreast of recent news, settlements, and FDA rulings, we give your potential and current clients timely news that is reliably sourced from credible news sites, drug manufacturers and government agencies. This makes us the go-to online resource for individuals seeking information about their injury. And because nearly half of the 2017 federal caseload is comprised of MDLs, our mass tort lead pipeline is constantly evolving, so your caseload potential will, too.

Geo-targeted Marketing Ensures Client Exclusivity

When it comes to successfully representing mass torts, exclusivity is a must. That’s why we only choose to partner with a just a few clients within in a given territory. This way, we deliver high-value leads sourced from your firm’s preferred region. Our lead-generation expertise allows us to test various online and offline marketing channels. We analyze, test and then optimize all our campaigns to deliver best possible mass tort leads for your law firm.

Time Is of the Essence in Drug & Device Injury Cases

When representing a mass tort, time is of the essence. The statute of limitations for various injuries ultimately makes each client a priority, and so we treat them as such. Our online marketing reminds potential clients of the importance of filing their claim today. By prioritizing the focus on time, we avoid wasting yours. That way, you can focus on building a viable case instead of trying to acquire new clients. Once they’re vetted according to your criteria and ready to deliver, you have two options:

1. In-house staff handles lead intake through your current CMS or our 100% secure, proprietary Lead Management System (LMS) software. All you need to access this completely free and customizable tool is a web browser. Once you’ve partnered with us, you’ll get free monthly consultations from a dedicated account manager. The LMS helps you optimize conversions, customize reports and maintain quality throughout the intake process.

2. Put our U.S.-based call center staff to work converting your leads. Put our call center experts to work 24 hours, 7 days per week contacting leads and converting them into clients. With a 70% intake rate, it’s a great optional service for smaller firms and individual practices. If you’re hoping to grow quickly without hiring additional staff, add our call center service to your order.

Have questions about how we can work together in generating more mass tort leads for your firm? Contact us today for a free consultation.