Reaching more prospects is always on your to-do list, right? Connecting with new consumers, sharing your expertise, and finding ways to convert more prospects into clients for your financial business. Above all, how do you grow your financial business? There are a lot of financial advisor marketing ideas out there, but which ones really have the ROI you’re looking for? We’ve got the answer. Consequently, educational workshops provide the perfect outlet for financial advisors to educate, convince, and convert your prospects. And now, here are all the details.

3 Reasons Why Educational Workshops are Great Financial Advisor Marketing Tools

There are tons of financial advisor marketing ideas, but there are some clear winners regarding which marketing channels work the best. Educational workshops top that list. Why is that? For myriad reasons.

1) Increased engagement

First, consumers that are in an educational workshop are engaged to learn. Remember, they’ve taken time out of their schedules to attend and are motivated and interested in shared information. Engaged consumers are more likely to convert. So, connect with them in person and close more business!

2) Immediate and personal access to financial experts

Second, investing with a financial advisor is a huge decision. One of life’s most important. And every client wants to know they’ve made the right choice. So, what better way to build trust and share expertise than by being immediately available to them? Connecting with them in a shared environment and being able to take personal inquiries on the spot validates your value to consumers. And helps them convert!

3) Get more knowledge of the market

Thirdly, meeting in person isn’t just an excellent avenue for your prospects to meet and trust you. It also works the other way around. Meeting prospects helps you stay aware and up-to-date on current concerns, issues, and fears consumers have. You might not even be aware of some of these concerns. So, keep your finger on the pulse of your industry with in-person events.

Therefore, educational workshops are the ideal financial advisor marketing solution. Remember, there will always be challenges. And savvy advisors must deal with objections. But, educational workshops show the highest ROI for financial advisor marketing. So don’t miss out on what could be an incredible new investment in your future.

LRSP Types of Educational Workshops for Financial Advisor Marketing

Educational workshops need to deliver best-in-class content! That way, you can convert even more prospects. But we also have choices for your financial advisor marketing. Two choices, in fact! Both programs help you educate new prospects. But, more than that, you get to connect with them, face-to-face.

For a brief overview of each workshop solution:

Non-Profit Affiliate: Partner with the American Financial Educational Alliance (AFEA) for curated presentation content. These events can be held in webinars or live. Where is the ideal place? A local library, college, or community center is best.

The program includes 30-90 minute workshop topics and includes all supporting content. Plus, hands-on support with venues and strategy. Because you promote under the AFEA brands, you get to leverage the non-profit affiliation and industry leadership.

Direct Workshop: This program is a 2-day financial education course. Choose to hold your event at a local university, community college, or other learning institution. This 6-hour class covers a variety of topics. And you can choose based on what your audience really wants.

This program includes 224 slides of scripted presentation materials. What could be easier? Plus, training videos on course instruction and best practices. This financial advisor marketing event will be promoted directly under your brand. So, build your reputation as you grow!

3 Educational Workshop Success Stories

Now that we know why they work, let’s dig in. Because LeadingResponse has helped coordinate educational workshops for financial advisors for years, we have the figures to prove their success. Ready to get started? Let’s review them:


Attendance Rate

Case Study #1:

Let’s start with a financial advisor who implemented a Non-Profit Educational Workshop. These are through a partnership with American Financial Educational Alliance (AFEA). This advisor experienced:

– 90% Attendance Rate

– 60% Appointment Rate

– $2.1M Total Premium Collected

– $287K in Commissions

How did he do it? He offered six class options to his community with just two direct mail pieces. And the best part? This schedule is easy and reasonable for financial advisors. You can do it too!


Attendance Rate

Case Study #2:

Here is another example of an advisor who participated in an AFEA Non-Profit Educational Workshop. For this event, she sent out just one direct mail piece offering two class options. And these were her results:

– 92% Attendance Rate

– 66% Appointment Rate

– $2.5M in Total Premiums Collected

– $134K in Commissions

That’s right! $2.5M in total premiums collected. Imagine spending just two evenings with a room full of prospects, and creating that sort of ROI. It’s possible! 


Attendance Rate

Case Study #3:

At LeadingResponse, we offer two unique educational workshop options. Along with our AFEA program, we also offer a Direct Educational Workshop. Our financial advisor saw:

– 85% Attendance Rate

– 8 Appointments Made

– $600k in New Assets Acquired

This solution also comes with turnkey programs, presentations, and topics to make the most of your event. This financial advisor marketing solution truly works. Ready to convince prospects and turn them into clients? Then, let’s add more educational workshops to your schedule! 

3 Ways to Add Educational Workshops to Your Financial Advisor Marketing Plan

Ok. You’ve seen firsthand the proven results of financial advisor marketing. You’ve learned how educational workshops benefit your consumers and your business. So now the question is, how do you get started? Have no fear. We have the answers!

1) Contact your marketing consultant

Our team is on hand to help guide you through the process and help you get everything you need for a successful educational workshop. Don’t have a personal consultant yet? That’s ok! You can sign up for free consultation quickly.

 2) Download our guide for more detailed information

Not ready quite yet to commit to the free consultation? That’s ok! Download our free guide, which helps outline your educational workshop options and helps you make the right decision for your financial business.

 3) Learn more about our financial advisor marketing solutions

There are many options out there, and sometimes you just need to do more research. With over 25 years of experience, LeadingResponse has the solutions to help grow your financial business. Learn more about our financial advisor solutions, including dinner seminars, webinars, direct mail, one-on-one appointments, or reconnecting with warm prospects.