Growing any business holds its challenges. For financial advisors, lead generation can be a complex task. As the industry grows, so do the client bases of advisors everywhere, adding to the challenge of providing more value for clients and prospects alike. In order to not only create focus for your clients, you also have to generate focus for yourself so you understand in which direction you are headed and why. Here’s how to improve lead generation for financial advisors:

1. Identify your favorite part of the work you do.

Do you like investing? Do you enjoy working with clients through a comprehensive financial planning strategy to help them meet their goals? It is important for you to determine what part of the financial industry excites and motivates you, and then go with that.

2. Determine who will benefit from your expertise.

Think of your favorite client and how you interact with them. What is their lifestyle and how do they connect with you? For example, perhaps you have been helping a business owner develop retirement plans, succession planning and an exit strategy. No matter the client with whom you work, that particular client will have their own unique needs. Truly listen to what your favorite client has to say about you. From there, you can gain a better understanding of the value you offer.

3. Listen. Listen.

When a prospect expresses interest in working with you, really listen to know what is going on in their life. That way, you can extract takeaways that will allow you to show them what you can offer them to improve their life. Do things to ease their mind and show them you will do what you say you will do.

4. The proof is in the paperwork.

It’s no secret that as a financial advisor, the paperwork seems endless. After all, you have myriad SEC regulations with which to keep pace. That translates to copious amounts of documentation. While that may seem daunting and tedious, it is also a blessing in disguise.  By examining that documentation, you can see how you have helped clients and where your strengths and weaknesses are within that realm. Focus on the strengths and build your business from there.

5. Know. Trust.

In building your financial advisory business and attracting financial advisor leads, position yourself to be the professional who people like, know and trust. This can evolve from getting out in the community. Speak at local events. Engage in volunteer opportunities, Network. However, do not go into each new situation looking to attract business first. Instead, go with the mindset that you are there to create friendships first. The lead generation will follow.

At the end of the day, being a financial advisor means you are in the business of helping people.  Lead generation for financial advisors should come easily when you love what you do and when express that passion and enthusiasm with follow-through, commitment and results. As you continue to better understand how you can help others, you create improved relationships with your clients while you simultaneously build a stronger financial advisory team.

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