How Outsourcing Hybrid Marketing Solutions Will Transform Your Business

Jun 23, 2022 | Marketing

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Before the 21st century, marketers had one focus. What was it? Traditional media. That was it! Marketers used direct mail, TV ads, newspaper ads, and billboards alone to aid their company in making sales. Now, things are more complicated. Marketers have to excel at two different marketing solution channels: digital marketing and traditional marketing. Rather than just using digital marketing alone, marketers combined conventional and digital marketing strategies to create hybrid marketing solutions.

What is Hybrid Marketing?

In a sense, hybrid marketing is a blend of digital marketing strategies and traditional marketing solutions. In total, hybrid marketing uses direct mail, TV ads, newspapers, social media, SEO, clickable ads, and content marketing to successfully reach target audiences and make sales.

Why Should Businesses Go Hybrid?

Hybrid marketing is hugely beneficial. Why? Because it tracks a customer journey across various touchpoints. Plus, it has two-way communication and appeals to multiple demographics. And it also helps build rapport, maximize your reach, improve your ROI, and aid in helping you establish a personal brand. Sounds prosperous, right?

So, what is the downside of going hybrid? If you have a small or new business, your in-house marketing team may not have the time, money, or skill to take on hybrid marketing. This is because of the complicated combination of traditional AND digital media. This could be a handful for any team.

What is the solution? Outsourcing your hybrid marketing efforts. Leave the marketing efforts to the professionals! Marketing firms already have the talent and are experienced in hybrid marketing. They know what channels to utilize and how to quickly get your company verified leads.

The Solution: Partner with LeadingResponse

By partnering with LeadingResponse, you’ll leave the heavy lifting to us. Our solution portfolio offers clients the ability to deploy multichannel marketing programs. Why is our strategy successful? It all boils down to our excellence in hybrid marketing solutions. In a recent study by ClickZ, hybrid (multichannel) campaigns saw an 18.96% engagement rate, while single-channel saw just a 5.4% engagement rate.

By utilizing our programs, our clients have a more substantial reach and continue to build up their online presence, where more purchasing decisions are made. When outsourcing is the best option, our hybrid marketing solutions have been proven. We have booked over 6.4 million appointments and generated over $1.7 billion in revenue for our clients.

Direct Mail

Think direct mail is dead? Think again! Even in the age of the technological revolution, consumers still love traditional marketing. And direct mail WORKS. It provides a sense of personalization and comfort to consumers, which makes them want to make a purchase. Additionally, the US Data Corporation found that 39% of consumers try a business for the first time because of direct mail.

Lead Generation

Is your firm wasting time trying to generate leads? Are you looking for a better, easier, and more cost-effective way to grow your revenue? Outsourcing hybrid marketing might be the best option! At LeadingResponse, we use laser-targeted digital campaigns to engage users where they already live online. Enjoy real-time lead delivery and exclusive data-driven optimization tools. Whether you’re looking for leads for attorneys, healthcare patient leads, financial advisor leads, or leads for your senior living community, we have what you need.

Dinner Seminars

Finally, after almost 2 years in quarantine, dinner seminars are back! Face-to-face interactions are powerful and help build solid relationships. Put on mesmerizing live events to captivate leads and convert them. At LeadingResponse, we use digital mail, digital advertising, and email to pinpoint your target audience. You can count on us to fill your dinner event with qualified consumers that fit your “perfect client” profile!


Don’t feel like hosting live events? That’s ok. Webinars are the perfect solution! Reach consumers anytime, anywhere. Our program, WebinarConnect, provides the same level of online interaction that you’ve expected from traditional workshops and seminars. By partnering with LeadingResponse, you will see higher attendee rates, stress-free promotions, and multichannel marketing success!

Website Tracking & Retargeting with Direct Mail

Do your leads visit your site and leave without a sale? You need to try website tracking and retargeting. Retargeting is a way to bring leads you have a relationship with back to your website so they can make a purchase! LeadingResponse’s VisitorConnect solution uses a proprietary reverse-append algorithm to put a name and address to the IP address of qualified leads. Then, we send them a direct mail piece within 48-72 hours of their visit. The US Data Corporation found that 39% of consumers try a business for the first time because of direct mail. So, believe us when we say it works!

Ready to Get Started?

Hybrid marketing is a potent tool. But, without the right time, money, expertise, and resources, managing hybrid marketing can be overwhelming. This is why outsourcing is the best option. By partnering with LeadingResponse, you can leave the hard work to use and receive verified quality leads! 

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