The 3 Step Process to Closing More Business

Sep 8, 2022 | Marketing

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How often have your marketing solutions put you in front of a prospective client and felt like it was a done deal? Then somehow, somewhere, things went amiss. Maybe you didn’t hear from them again, or they didn’t show up for their appointment. Or they were ready to sign the paperwork and ghosted you. Don’t worry; this happens to even the best salesperson. How can you improve your appointment setting process and close more business?

Don’t worry! Elite salespeople use tried and true techniques to improve conversion rates. Our three-step process will help you streamline your appointment setting, allow you to meet with more qualified prospects, and help you close more business. Let’s dig in!

Step One: Build a Rapport and Learn About your Prospects

Make sure the first meeting is all about them. Listen closely to what they are looking for. A business relationship goes both ways. You want to make sure you understand their goals and expectations, so you can help them reach them. And ideally, you should exceed their expectations. But, you also want to ensure they are a good fit for you before setting an appointment!

When you provide a high level of personal service, you help sell them on a second meeting and move one step closer to closing more business. How do you meet prospects the first time? Some salespeople cold call, which is a complicated way to earn trust. A savvier way to build rapport and earn trust is through in-person educational events. You’re more likely to get a follow-up through solutions like seminar marketing, in-person appointment setting, educational workshops, and webinar marketing for lead generation.

Why is that? Because in the first meeting, you’ve been able to showcase your personality, expertise, and ability to help them reach their goals. And for life’s most important decisions, those are all key.

Step Two: Dig Deeper and Provide Advice

You got a second meeting! Congratulations! Now is the time to put what you’ve learned about the prospect into practice. Make notes and plan the meeting ahead of time to target their needs and concerns specifically. Personalize your appointments, and you’re more likely to close more business. In fact, 71% of consumers expect companies to deliver personalized interactions. So don’t let them down!

Offer advice and prove you’ve listened to their concerns. Provide answers to their problems, and ask questions about their situation. People want to be understood and partner with a business that gets them. This is your opportunity to seal the deal and put their concerns to rest.

Step Three: Final Meeting and Paperwork

You’ve used solutions like seminar marketing, appointment setting, and webinar marketing for lead generation. And it’s worked! You’re ready to sign the paperwork and make it official. But don’t do what so many salespeople do – take your time. Don’t jump right in and push the papers in front of them.

Take the time to revisit their concerns, clarify the plan of action, and what your services and expertise can provide. Ensure their expectations haven’t changed, and you can give them the service they expect.

Once you’ve ensured that both prospect and business are ready to sign, do it together. And celebrate! You’ve closed another big deal! Don’t stop there, though. Ensure you stay on track and keep your customers happy – it’s more profitable to retain customers than to reach new ones.

Now You’re Ready to Get Out There and Close More Business

We’ve made closing more business seem easy, but we know it can be anything but. When you want to set up seminar marketing campaigns, webinar events, or one-on-one appointment setting, LeadingResponse can put you in front of highly-qualified, motivated prospects. Our experts can help walk you through the solutions that will grow your business. Let’s get started.

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