Advisors Are Pairing Financial Seminars With Webinars to Achieve Optimal Results

Oct 17, 2022 | Financial

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Top financial advisors have discovered pairing financial seminars with webinars is a winning strategy!

We all know the world turned upside down when COVID-19 hit. And webinars turned into a financial advisor marketing sensation almost overnight. But now that we are removed from those pandemic days, are webinars still a winning strategy? Or has their interest waned?

The answer is simple – across the board, it’s a resounding YES! Webinars have a high conversion rate, are incredible tools for lead generation, and continue to be in demand by the consumers you are trying to reach.

But here’s a secret… unlike before the pandemic, financial advisors are not just scheduling webinars to have a backup plan in case of issues with face-to-face financial seminars. They’ve adopted hybrid marketing campaigns that include financial seminars and webinars to widen their marketing footprint and pool of prospects.

Why Combing Financial Seminars and Webinars is So Effective

Consumers are expecting more options – and you need to give it to them. Some people aren’t comfortable with the experience of a financial seminar. So if you are only offering them that option, you’ll lose that opportunity. On the other hand, webinars tend to appeal to everyone because of their convenience and comfort. Why limit your prospects by offering them just one avenue to connect with you? Offer them options, and connect with even more.

Hybrid Marketing Provides Your Prospect Options.

Allow people to make choices about their schedule, comfort level, and the incentive that best fits their needs. Offering options ensure more qualified prospects find a solution that interests them – and helps maximize your caseload.

Hybrid Marketing Allows You To Merge Solutions.

Take it a step further, and book 1-on-1 appointments between financial seminars and your ongoing webinars to capitalize on your speaking engagements. Our marketing solutions are designed to work in tandem with one another, allowing you to capitalize on your marketing and reach more prospects consistently.

Hybrid Marketing Results in Consistent ROI.

The profits don’t end when the webinar or the event does. We are able to record virtual events enabling them to be remarketed and used multiple times. These ongoing webinars appear live to attendees – allowing you to focus on your business while we focus on your growth. By scheduling various continuous marketing solutions, your business will always have an event for interested prospects.

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Ready to Get Started? Good News! We’ll Handle the Details for You.

So you’re a financial advisor that has decided to try pairing financial seminars with webinars? Great! It’s not as time-consuming or complicated as you may think. That’s because while you choose the event location and the invitation design, LeadingResponse takes care of the rest. We target your ideal prospects using data including age, income, ZIP code, and investable assets. And, of course, we manage the RSVPs.

Track your marketing campaigns seamlessly through our new client portal, Hub. Monitor and manage your marketing campaigns, dig deep into performance analytics, and because it’s fully responsive, you can do it anywhere you have your phone.

And if you’ve never hosted a hybrid marketing event before, your marketing consultant will work with you each step of the way to ensure it’s a success.

For over 25 years, LeadingResponse has helped financial professionals with customer acquisition and business growth. Are you ready to begin combining in-person events with webinars to accelerate the growth of your business? Let’s make it happen!

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