Yes, Senior Living Webinars Should Still be in Your Marketing Plan!

Sep 4, 2021 | Senior Living

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As we move through the pandemic and look forward to more on-site visits and tours, some senior living marketers are tempted to move away from webinars, even though they proved to be a lifesaver for so many communities during the pandemic. Spoiler alert: they aren’t going anywhere.

Now is not the time to quit senior living webinars. Quite the opposite.

Removing webinars from your marketing program, however, would be a mistake. Our world has changed a lot in the last year and a half. Communities that shelve webinars and go back to traditional marketing and sales programs will pay a price, shortening their reach and letting viable leads slip through the cracks.

The fact is, consumers have gotten used to virtual events and on-demand webinars. And, even as we begin to open our doors again, virtual events continue to be a popular and effective platform to inform and engage with prospects. Want some proof? Data from the Search Engine Journal shows that 48% of those aged 55-64 (adult children of seniors) are tuning in to live streaming and on-demand events. And 35% of those 65-74 are also tuned in! Don’t miss connecting with your prime audience!

But, not all webinar programs are created equal! Your senior living webinar needs to be interesting, engaging, educational, easy to access, and more. Are you ready to optimize turnout and conversions? Then let’s keep get to the details.

Here are four things you need for your senior living webinars:

  1. Meet your prospects where they are. Don’t miss an opportunity. Provide both live streaming events and recorded on-demand webinars.
  2. Make them easy to attend. Consumers want convenience. Enable access from any device; mobile, desktop, laptop, or tablet. 92% of individuals aged 65-74 use a mobile phone (Search Engine Journal).
  3. Make them interactive. Keep their attention! Provide a way for attendees to interact and get more information during the webinars. Consider a FAQ session or a poll.
  4. Invite them to your webinar using direct mail. You heard that right. Direct mail is on fire. With a highly targeted list of qualified prospects, you will reach a higher return than with digital marketing alone.

Our webinar solution, WebinarConnect, is simple, fast, and easy – for both consumers and organizations.

When you need help with senior living webinar campaigns, trust the experts.

The senior living market has changed. You need to reach and engage with prospects in ways that build trust, then encourage advancement towards move-ins. That means arming yourself with the latest digital marketing trends and partnering with companies that have the tools and the data to help.

When you’re ready to experience substantial growth for your senior living community, we’re here to help. Contact us for a strategic mix of media and highly targeted lists of qualified prospects. Let’s get started.

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