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LeadingResponse's Webinar Marketing Solution

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WebinarConnect is an effective and efficient alternative to traditional seminars and workshops, using a cloud-based platform which allows your prospects to instantly join your webinar, regardless of location, without downloading any software.

LeadingResponse’s is a full package webinar marketing solution that handles everything for you – you just pick the date and time. We do the rest. You have the option of utilizing social media, email, display advertising, direct mail or a combination of these media to promote your webinar. Additionally, all materials will be customized with your branding including invites, landing page, registration page, etc.

Our platform allows attendees to join, regardless of device, simply by launching their browser. There is no download requirement so even non-tech savvy individuals can easily join. Once in the webinar, you have the ability to engage with your audience through quizzes, polls, chat, Q&A, surveys and call-to-action modules.

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Webinars Deserve Great Attendees

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How clients are benefitting every step of the way:

Higher Attendee Rates

With the ease of joining one of your virtual events from anywhere, more prospects are likely to join from the comfort of their own home.

Cloud-Based Platform

Seamless connection for registrants through our browser-based platform allows more prospects to stay connected from any device.

Stress-Free Coordination

LeadingResponse will handle the logistics and promotion of the event – you just pick the date and time.

On-Hand Service

LeadingResponse will be on-hand through every stage providing best practices, tips and assistance with troubleshooting during your webinar sessions.

Enhanced Registrations

Registrants have the ability to choose from calling in their registration or filling out forms online.

Custom Content

While your webinars run on a white-label platform, you will also be provided with custom promotional ads and customized brand content.

Privacy Policy

LeadingResponse’s platform offers a Digital Rights Management Protections, so you can be confident your content and intellectual property are safe. You have the ability to share recorded links of your webinars for on-demand viewing.

Audience Engagement

Engage with prospects as if it were an in-person event! WebinarConnect allows you to host a live chat, gather data with polls, push people to next steps with offers, Q&A sessions, and even have the ability to invite people on-screen to engage with presenters face-to-face.

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