The Hottest Legal Leads for 2022 – Workers’ Compensation & Social Security Disability

Jun 16, 2022 | Legal

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If you are looking for the best legal leads for attorneys for 2022, you’ve come to the right place. This is part two of our blog series featuring the hottest leads for attorneys for 2022. We’ve already covered the best Mass Tort Leads and Auto Injury Leads – if you missed it, make sure to check it out! When you’re ready to get started or increase your Workers’ Compensation Leads and Social Security Disability Leads, this is the place!

For all top legal firms, lead generation should be a top priority. And when you partner with LeadingResponse, we make getting the best legal leads easy! Here are the hottest legal leads for 2022!


Workers’ Compensation Cases

In the United States, a worker gets injured on the job every 7 seconds. That means there are up to 7 million work injuries a year. In fact, according to the National Security Council, these injuries result in 99 million days of lost productivity annually. Workplace injuries are common today and affect people of all types of work, age ranges, and economic backgrounds.

The most prevalent causes of injury resulting in time off include overexertion and bodily reaction, slips, trips, and falls. These top 3 causes account for more than 75% of all non-fatal injuries and illnesses resulting in days away from work. These workers’ comp leads for attorneys can be very lucrative.

1) Construction

Construction is one of the most dangerous jobs. Without proper training, workers could get severely hurt on the job from machinery, heavy loads, and more. Every year, one in every ten construction workers is injured in the United States. Additionally, the cost of worker’s compensation due to construction accidents and injuries each year is estimated to be $2.5 billion in the U.S.

2) Equipment Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry consists of companies engaged in the mechanical, physical, or chemical transformation of substances or materials into new products. In fact, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 14% of affected workers were in the transportation manufacturing industry.

3) Fires & Explosions

There is an average of 3,170 deaths each year in the U.S. due to fire. Additionally, a study in 2018 showed that in the U.S., there were 115 victims of fires and explosions in the workplace. However, for firefighters, these rates are higher. In this same year, 58,250 reported injuries among American firefighters on duty and 64 deaths in their ranks.

Get Consistent, Exclusive WC Leads

We have the resources to provide high volume, consistent, filtered workers’ compensation leads at a competitive acquisition cost per case. Our filtering ensures you aren’t wasting valuable time with unqualified leads.

4) Chemical Exposure

Construction workers, welders, farmers, miners, and food manufacturers are constantly exposed to toxic chemicals while on the job. The daily effect due to exposure to these chemicals is life-threatening. In fact, nearly 10% of all workers who lose their lives due to illness or injuries die from chemical exposure. There are two types of chemical exposure: dermal (skin) exposure and inhalation exposure. Each of these types carries great dangers.

5) Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry is the sector of the economy that produces finished products. To get products ready for the sales floor, manufacturers often have to use plants or factories with lots of machinery. This type of heavy machinery can lead to serious injuries. In fact, occupations within manufacturing account for 5% of U.S. workers, but 8% of workplace fatalities.

6) Scaffolding

When construction takes place over a sidewalk or road, construction workers use scaffolds. Being suspended hundreds of feet in the air on an unstable surface, scaffolding is risky. Each year, 10,000 construction workers are injured in scaffolding accidents, and 72% of those scaffolding accidents were caused by planking or other support structures giving away.

7) Third-Party Claims

A “third-party” in a compensation claim is a non-employee, non-employer entity that may be partially or wholly at fault for the injury. Because this third-party claim falls outside workers’ compensation insurance scope, employees can seek more damages. For instance, compensation for the total value of lost wages and compensation for pain and suffering.

8) Work-Related Falls

Falls are among the most common workplace injuries. Slips, trips, and falls account for more than 84% of non-fatal injuries involving days away from work. Furthermore, in 2020, 85 workers died in falls, and 211,640 were injured badly enough to require days off of work. Workplace accidents such as trips and falls are common but could be fatal.

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When generating attorney leads for workers’ comp, we ask the right questions. By using our work-injury-related websites and organic search listing, we generate qualified leads for attorneys. So, believe us when we say we are the right workers’ compensation lead generation partner for you.


Next Up! The Top SSD Leads for 2022

Now that we’ve covered all the best workers’ compensation legal leads, let’s get into the next lucrative vertical – Social Security Disability. Individuals are always seeking legal assistance due to a system that can be difficult to navigate. If you haven’t included SSD leads in your caseload, now is the time. Let’s get started!


Social Security Disability

Around 2 million disabled worker claims for disability benefits are filed each year. Furthermore, about 70% of those claims are denied at the initial application level. Millions of Americans suffer from disabilities and are unable to work. These people need lawyers to help fight for social security disability benefits.


The best legal leads for SSD include those aged 49 and up. Why is that?

  • 3 in 4 SSD beneficiaries today are aged 49+
  • They pay 42% in higher legal fees
  • Hearings for over-49 claimants have a 35% higher win rate
  • They typically have a higher acceptance rate
  • They usually generate more revenue per lead

Get Exclusive SSD Leads in Real-Time

When you’re ready to increase your caseload, trust LeadingResponse to fill the gaps. Our exclusive, high-quality SSD leads will bring your firm to the next level. Plus, we offer services to connect you IMMEDIATELY with live call transfers. Don’t delay.

Trust LRSP For Your SSD Leads

When you are looking for the highest rate of return, our experts agree – claimants aged 49 and up are the ideal prospect. LeadingResponse generates quality social security leads for attorneys and advocacy leads every month. Not only that, but we save you time by finding leads that qualify for SSD benefits. How do we do it? By filtering leads based on age, work status, and objectives, we make sure we bring qualified leads right into the palm of your hands.

Best Leads for Attorneys in 2022

Whether your top law firm specializes in Mass Torts, Workers’ Compensation, Personal Injury, SSD, or other verticals, getting high-quality, consistent leads can help increase your revenue. Increase your caseload immediately with leads from LeadingResponse. But don’t delay! Our leads are in high demand and go quickly. When you’re ready to increase your ROI, let us do the work for you. Learn more.

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