Lawyers spend significant money trying to bring in new clientele. Losing a single opportunity to bring your firm more clients can feel extremely frustrating. But bringing in new leads is challenging, particularly for small and mid-sized law firms. Many lawyers simply pour more money into their ad spend, hoping that increased volume will produce a few signed retainers. But the truth is, if you can find sneaky ways to increase conversions, you’ll spend less to acquire new clients.

Three Important Factors That Can Help Law Firms Increase Conversions

To increase conversions (i.e., turn more prospects into signed retainers), your firm should look at three specific factors:

  • Improving overall lead quality
  • Increasing contact rates
  • Reducing acquisition costs

To help increase conversions for your law firm, we’ll share three ideas we successfully implemented for our own clients below.

Tip #1 to Increase Conversions: Use Qualifying Criteria To Screen Leads

Most people make contact forms as minimal as possible to encourage more leads to fill them out and hit “submit.” But that also means the people most eager to hire you can get lost in the high signal-to-noise ratio.

Convention wisdom says most people won’t fill out online forms that ask too many questions, especially on mobile devices. But asking more from people who are genuinely interested in your services can actually increase conversions. Simply put, a shorter form can provide more quantity, because there’s less friction involved. But generating quality leads is the best way to increase conversions and acquire more clients for your law firm. In most cases, reducing form fields produces lower-quality leads. Instead, focus on adding 1-2 questions to screen out unqualified leads, like:

  • Do you already have a lawyer helping with your case?
  • When did your injury occur? (to screen for statute of limitations)

If screening for quality is not an issue, then focus on simplifying your contact forms and making them more visible. Ensure your firm’s website hosts a visible contact form directly on the home page, for example. Here are some other ways to encourage quality leads to complete your website’s contact form:

  • Switch to pre-populated radio buttons, if applicable
  • Put required fields above optional ones (like phone number or email address)
  • Reduce or eliminate blank fields that ask users to type in their answers or comments

The more personal questions you ask, the less likely people are to complete the form. And make sure your site’s thank-you messaging sets the right expectations after a lead submits that contact form.

Tip #2 to Increase Conversions: Implement a Phone Validation API

A service such as Numverify, for example, can prevent competitors or spammers from entering fake phone numbers on your forms. Even better, this service will validate up to 250 phone numbers every month for free! There are similar services for validating email addresses, too. If inquiries for your firm’s services stay pretty low-volume every month, this idea may not get much traction. But if your lead intake staff mostly makes outbound calls, validating each lead’s phone number can dramatically increase contact rates.

If you’re a law firm specializing in mass tort cases, a phone validation API makes perfect sense. Try running two different TV commercials, if you can. On the first one, list your firm’s phone number as the primary contact method for leads. Then, run a second edit that encourages leads to fill out the contact form on your firm’s website. You’ll likely see more people calling than using the contact form, but to increase conversions, screening leads for quality matters. When you implement phone and email API services, you’ll capture verified contact information — and that can help increase conversions.

Tip #3 to Increase Conversions: Create a “Lead Nurturing” Funnel

We’ve all seen engaging email campaigns or websites offering free white papers to download after you submit your contact information. These are just two “lead nurturing” tools that help push qualified prospects further down the sales funnel. Lead nurturing simply provides relevant information at each step along the buyer’s journey for your defined target group. And lead nurturing is the best way to acquire 50% more leads at 33% lower cost. A recent Salesforce study found lead nurturing is the best way to acquire 50% more leads at 33% lower cost. Furthermore, research firm Forrester found nurtured leads produce 20% more opportunities to close, on average, compared to non-nurtured leads.

Not sure where to start in creating a nurturing funnel for your law firm? First, think about what you can offer potential clients in your geographic area. What expertise or insights do you have that you can break into bite-sized quotes or infographics for your website? When designing your lead nurturing funnel, think about your typical retainers and what makes your firm stand out. Focus on information that’s most relevant to current clients, and tease that value to new prospects. Is it your win rate, or access to local experts willing to testify on a client’s behalf? If you’re known for giving back to the community, host a donation drive or register volunteers through your firm’s website. Are you the go-to lawyer for disabled veterans? Video testimonies from military service members you’ve helped over the years can encourage others to hire you.

Lastly, always follow up in a timely manner — leads may require up to 10 “touches” before they convert into clients.

Bonus Tip: Outsource Your Client Acquisition Needs to Increase Conversions

Need a faster way to increase conversions right now? Let LeadingResponse handle your firm’s client acquisition needs. Right now, we deliver over one million qualified leads annually to more than 500 law firms nationwide. Our data-driven digital marketing campaigns generate leads 100% in-house, and we screen each prospect for quality before real-time delivery.

Our completely free, yet optional Lead Management System (LMS) software helps you track lead quality during the intake process. You can purchase leads without using the LMS, but firms that do report much higher conversion and retention rates. That’s because the LMS lets you customize reports, sign eRetainers and identify opportunities to increase conversions all in one place. Best of all, the LMS seamlessly integrates with most CMS software used in law firms today, like Prevail and Crocodile.

Want to increase conversions during lead intake without hiring or training additional staff? For a small additional fee, you can put our U.S.-based call center staff to work 24/7 handling those administrative tasks. Our trained agents start calling within five minutes after each screened lead completes the contact form. Faster initial calls can dramatically increase conversions, and our agents currently boast a 70% or greater contact rate.

Ready to see what LeadingResponse can do to help your firm increase conversions? Get in touch with us today, and the right person will respond to your questions within one business day.