The Evolution of Law Firm Marketing Strategies

Dec 15, 2022 | Legal

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Times are changing, and so must your law firm lead generation strategy. Marketing is never a set-it-and-forget-it program. To get the best results, you must constantly monitor, adjust, and tweak your message to get it in front of the right audience. But where are you marketing for your incoming legal leads? Your website? Facebook? The Yellow Pages?

Let’s think outside the box. Explore new options for law firm marketing strategies. Find new leads. Technology has opened up various opportunities for legal experts to connect with more qualified and motivated prospects faster and more conveniently than ever before. So let’s take advantage, expand your caseload, and increase your law firm’s ROI.

Meet More Leads with In-Person Events

Have you ever considered marketing through in-person educational events? Seminars and educational workshops are excellent law firm marketing strategies! Why? Because a lot of prospective clients aren’t ready to commit to legal representation or a full consultation yet, but they are interested in researching their options. Make yourself available to them on various eye-catching topics, and you’ll meet with dozens of interested prospects in one evening! What type of topics work for law firm educational events?

  •  A Guide to Divorce Law in Florida
  • A Walkthrough to Trying Your Case in Small Claims Court
  • The 10 Questions A Car Accident Lawyer Will Ask

Webinars Connect You with Leads 24/7

Next up – webinars! Imagine recording a webinar and publishing it for ongoing legal lead generation. Webinars can educate and answer questions for interested leads 24/7. That means you can grow your caseload and increase your ROI while working, hanging out with family, and even sleeping!

Webinar law firm lead generation is a no-brainer. While it takes some planning and prep work, a great webinar can help you reach more prospects consistently. What kind of webinars is your audience looking for? Some great webinar topics for law firms can be:

  • Have You Been Injured at Work? Here’s What You Can Sue For (and What You Can’t)
  • 9 Reasons You Should Hire a Lawyer for Your SSD Case
  • 10 Things to Look for In a Personal Injury Lawyer

Live Call Transfers Connect You – Immediately

It’s a fact: 35-50% of business is signed by the prospect’s first contact. And that needs to be you! How can you be the first contact at the height of a legal lead’s interest? We have the solution, and it’s called Live Call Transfer. And it’s the ideal law firm marketing strategy to help increase your caseload, whether you practice personal injury, SSD, workers’ compensation, auto accidents, or mass torts.

How does it work? Our team markets for interested legal leads through multichannel marketing solutions, including social media, TV commercials, emails, digital advertising, and more. Then, in some cases, our call center vets them for specific criteria. Then, voila! The call is rerouted, and these live, motivated leads go directly to your intake desk. Save time, money, and energy by spending more time on the phone with interested prospects and less time seeking new clients.

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Get Social and Get Leads

Social media isn’t the top marketing platform for most law firm marketing strategies. However, it’s where your prospects are, so you should be there too! Create a seamless, easy experience for your audience to find you and your contact information. Consider your social media platforms as a place to answer questions, be helpful, and build your brand awareness. What type of information should you share on your law firm’s social media pages? Educational blogs, valuable links, questionnaires, and surveys can help you learn and share more details your prospects want.

  • A Walkthrough of the Girardin Law Firm
  • Will a Lawyer Take My Case?
  • What Constitutes Medical Malpractice in Georgia?

Newsletters and Email Marketing

There are over 4 million daily email users, and ROI for email marketing is one of the highest at $36 for every $1 spent. If you aren’t capitalizing on this email marketing opportunity, we can guarantee your competitors are. Set aside time and work smarter, not harder, by adding email marketing into your law firm marketing strategies in the coming year. When prospects are quite ready to sign yet, emails that nurture the professional relationship can help What should you include in your emails? Consider updating your audience on legal news that might interest them, wow them with a recent win your firm experienced, or provide them with educational information like handbooks, downloads, or an ebook. Need help on email marketing topics for law firms?

  • The 10 Questions Your Auto Accident Lawyer Will Ask
  • Virginia Workers’ Compensation in Layman’s Terms
  • What is “Pain and Suffering” (and How Much is It Worth?)

Law Firm Marketing Strategies Will Continue to Evolve

Partnering with an established, experienced legal lead generation and marketing company can help you weather the ups and downs of the industry. Our team has close to 30 years of experience and knows the legal establishment inside and out. Learn more about our marketing solutions, legal lead generation, and team, or contact us anytime.

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