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LeadingResponse works with senior living community operators not only to identify and connect with senior living prospects, but their adult children and family members. That’s because a prospect’s loved ones will often influence, if not outright decide, where the person will live.

Helping Your Residents With Digital Adoption

For many seniors, using advanced technology can be daunting. However, introducing digital tools can provide alternative ways for residents to engage with the world around them.

Why Your Senior Living Organization Needs Multichannel Marketing

If ever there was a need to capture and engage all your qualified prospects, this is it. That means you can’t rely on using a single platform, such as digital marketing, to reach them all. Doing so can result in leaving hundreds of leads on the table. What you need is...

Your Prospects are Saying “It’s Time” – Are You Ready?

We’re not out of the woods yet. But it’s heartening to know that, with 75% of seniors now vaccinated, we’re on our way. That’s good news if you run senior living marketing and are hoping to improve occupancy. Many of your potential residents...
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