Generating a Legal Book of Business: 11 Things You’re Forgetting to Do

Aug 29, 2022 | Legal

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Being a lawyer is what you were called to do. You have a successful career and a steady stream of clients and enjoy doing quality legal work. But there is also always room for growth. How can you expand on where you are now? What if you could get more clients seeking you out? And long-term job security? Maybe you have goals to hire others to work for you and build your organization. Get more legal leads hunting you down with these tried-and-true ways for you to grow your book of business.

It’s Okay! Talk About Your Work

The more people you meet and know, the more likely you’ll be able to get referrals and clients from word of mouth. Do those around you know you’re a lawyer? Do they know what you specialize in? They should! Networking is key to any successful business, and lawyers seeking legal leads are no exception.

You don’t have to provide advice or recommendations to everyone you meet – your time is valuable. But opening up your experiences and helping others is a great way to build your brand and is an organic attorney leads generation strategy.

Remember, Everyone is a Potential Client

Never dismiss a potential opportunity. Maybe that janitor you just passed is a viable auto accident lead. The barista when you ordered coffee? It’s possible she’s planning a divorce and needs a qualified lawyer she can trust. Friends and family know you’re a lawyer, but do they know they can come to you if they need legal advice or representation? Your target audience might not always look exactly as you expect.

When you consider everyone as a potential legal lead, either today or sometime in the future, you open up more opportunities for yourself and your firm.

Choose Your Team Carefully

Your legal team is an extension of yourself and your reputation. Make sure their experience, ethics, and business relationships meld well with yours. A healthy culture at the workplace is something that potential and current clients will pick up on, so make sure what they experience is welcoming and knowledgeable.

Plus, your legal team should be involved in your attorney leads generation methods as well! Make sure they follow your lead on how to network and connect with more legal leads.

Be a Good Example

People want a lawyer they can trust. In fact, reviews and referrals are sought by 82% and 81% of consumers. Consider your actions and how they can be perceived. Don’t allow your anger, frustration, or stress to get in the way of your better judgment. And more importantly, make sure your work is always ethical, honest, and open. Surround yourself with business associates that share your values and keep your reputation squeaky clean. When issues challenge your reputation, tackle them head-on and honestly.

Get Out There and Build Relationships

What are you waiting for? Attend more networking events. Meet prospective legal leads through webinars, educational events, and one-on-one appointments. Connect with prospects wherever they are. Think outside the box! What about social media? Provide advice, information, and updates on your business pages.

Be Interested in Legal Issues

Do your research! Stay up to date on current trends and legal topics. Are there any new mass torts coming? Keep your eye out for news and rulings like the Camp Lejeune Justice Act that require further legal attention. Being knowledgeable and informed on your field of practice can help establish you as an industry leader. Plus, it gives you the unique opportunity to know and be prepared to manage any business fluctuations.

Specialize Your Practice

In theory, it may seem like specialization in one practice field would be limiting. Cast a wider net, and you catch more fish, right? Well, yes. But your legal leads are looking for proof of your success. If you begin specializing, you increase your success rate, you’ll be more qualified for your work, and – yes – you can even charge more! Specialization is necessary for you to grow your book of business into something that will continue to grow year after year.

Learn How to Market

Don’t just sit back and wait. Active attorney leads generation marketing strategies can help increase your caseload and build your industry reputation. What solutions are best? Social media, direct mail, webinars, in-person events, and digital advertising – all are great solutions to get you out and in front of interested legal leads. Multichannel marketing solutions ensure you reach more people in more places.

Get High-Quality Legal Leads

How does your law firm attract new legal leads? Billboards? TV commercials? There’s only so much time in the day for you to spend hunting down new prospects. Save your time and money by outsourcing a qualified attorney lead generation company, and get leads delivered to you when and where you need them. The best part? You choose the type of leads you want – auto accident leads, personal injury leads, workers’ compensation leads – and they get delivered.

Grow Your Caseload

Save time and money by outsourcing your leads. We provide high-quality leads in a variety of legal verticals.

Make Sure Your Firm is Familiar

Do people recognize your name? Your firm’s name? If not, now is the time to fix that. Brand identity is your reputation. People are more likely to purchase goods or services from companies they recognize. Your law firm needs to have the same thing. When someone thinks of a lawyer in your area, you want them to think of you first and foremost. That means more clients seeking you out and a more significant book of business.

Quitting is Not an Option

This list may seem long and feel like a lot of work. But your firm is ready for growth, and now is the time to achieve it. Set your mind to generating a huge book of business in the next year or two, and don’t give up. Adjust to the challenges you run into, but continue going.

Now You’re Ready to Grow Your Book of Business!

Congratulations! These 11 tips for generating legal leads will help get you on the road to success. When you need attorney lead generation or marketing advice, do what 500 other firms nationwide do – trust LeadingResponse. Our team of experts is responsible for generating quality legal leads for personal injury, workers’ compensation, Social Security Disability, mass torts, auto injury, and more. What are you waiting for? Here’s how to get started.

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