Why You Should Focus On Improving Your Attorney Lead Generation

Jul 21, 2022 | Legal

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Billboards. TV commercials. Social media ads. There are so many ways for savvy lawyers to find new viable leads. But it can be so time-consuming. What if there was a better way to increase attorney lead generation? What if I told you there is?

Imagine more productive inbound calls. With interested, qualified prospects. Consider the time you’d save! And the money. It’s all possible with our attorney lead generation services. Let’s discuss how it works and what sets our attorney leads apart from the competition.

“It’s hard to trust most lead generation companies on the web. Most leads are recycled and old leads. LeadingResponse has by far been the most consistent lead generation company I have ever used.” – Injury Attorney

All You Need to Know About Attorney Lead Generation

That’s a pretty big promise, right? So let’s get started. First, what is lead generation? Basically, it’s the process of marketing to prospects and finding new consumers. We do all the work for you, and simply deliver the leads to your doorstep. Or calendar. Or telephone. Whichever you prefer!

Second, does lead generation work for attorneys? It sure does! In fact, buying leads is the best marketing channel for 49% of law firms. Used alone or in coordination with a full law firm marketing strategy, lead generation can put more qualified prospects in front of you. And consequently, you have more business to close.

Third, when you’re ready to generate more leads, do you try to do it in-house? Or do you outsource? There are a lot of benefits to both. But with outsourcing legal leads, the work is done by someone else. You just get the results! And what results are those?

  1. You’ll achieve consistent ROI
  2. Customer data will be clear
  3. Minimize your customer acquisition costs
  4. Improve client retention
  5. Increase work productivity and efficiency
  6. Reach more prospects in more places
  7. Save time and money

LeadingResponse is uniquely situated to produce premium attorney leads. Why is that? Because our process is different from other competitors. Our goal is to make your attorney lead generation process as smooth and seamless as possible. This is why our clients are so successful.

“I have tested and used several variations of leads from LeadingResponse over the years. We have seen our firm go from 1 attorney to 12 attorneys because these leads gave us the foundation to start a solid statewide firm in multiple states.” – Personal Injury Lawyer

So, How Does LeadingResponse Produce Premium Legal Leads?

There are a lot of ways to acquire leads to sell – but not all are productive for the business that receives them. Everyone has heard stories of firms spending money on leads that don’t amount to any new cases. At LeadingResponse, we don’t cut corners. Our goal is to help your law firm acquire new cases. And profitable ones.

So, how do we do it? Our processes are defined and data-driven. We specifically seek out leads in your market that will grow your caseload. And we search for them in more places. First, using multichannel marketing, we find your ideal consumers. Where do we engage with them? On digital ads, targeted landing pages, direct mail, webinar, and more. We diversity our marketing for attorney lead generation, using every major online and traditional channel. If your consumers are there, so are we.

Knowing where they are isn’t enough. Next, we target your ideal legal lead specifically through cutting-edge techniques. This allows us to get more volume on leads while maintaining quality. By drawing your ideal consumer in, we can get more information and find better-qualified leads for your practice.

But that’s not all. Sometimes a consumer can look like a lead, but they simply aren’t. So quit wasting time and money on poor lead quality. Our team uses specific criteria to ensure they are a qualified candidate, before connecting them with you. That way, you get a match on the phone, each and every time.

Our process is more complex than most, but it pays off for our clients. No other firm offers the premium, exclusive leads that LeadingResponse can. And we can do it consistently.

Connect Instantly With Live Leads

Grow your caseload with Verified Live Call Transfers delivered directly to you in real-time. Our filtering criteria ensures you get premium leads on the phone, every time.

Why Our Attorney Lead Generation Process Matters

Generating attorney legal leads this way is more work, yes. So why do we do it that way? Because the end result is higher qualified prospects for our clients. And that means happy customers. In fact, over 500 law firms nationwide trust LeadingResponse for their legal leads.

Not only do we offer premium leads in Mass Torts, Social Security Disability, Workers’ Compensation, Natural Disasters, Estate Planning, Employment Law, Personal Injury, Auto Injury, and Medical Malpractice. But we help lawyers in every part of lead generation. We make it easier and more convenient for you to connect with live, verified leads with our Life Call Transfer Program. Or we can upload leads directly to your CRM, phone, email, or preferred method. Whatever your intake team wants, your intake team gets.

Our goal is to win over your business – for the long run. Let’s build your caseload, decrease your cost-per-acquisition, and help you spend more time doing what you do best. Practicing law. LeadingResponse will handle your attorney lead generation needs.
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