10 Reasons You Need a Financial Advisor Marketing Calendar

Feb 23, 2023 | Financial

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Running a successful business takes time, energy, and expertise in what you do. And as a financial advisor, your expertise is probably not in marketing. But financial advisor marketing is a massive part of growing your business and connecting with more prospects! And with a full schedule already, marketing might feel hard to squeeze in. The solution? You need a financial advisor marketing calendar. Not convinced? You will be. Here are our top 10 reasons why you need a financial advisor marketing calendar.

1. Reach Your Goals

What are your goals? To grow your business? Hire additional help? Move into another niche market? Whatever it is, a financial services content calendar is the way to get you there. Write down your goals, and plan for the future. Without a plan to reach those goals, they aren’t goals – they are just ideas. So write them down, devise a plan, and implement it!

2. Build or Improve Your Brand

Does your target audience know your purpose? Are you well-known in your community? If not, a financial advisor marketing calendar can help you outline what you want people to know and help you get there. A robust service calendar can help keep you top of mind. Regular posting on your website and social media helps ensure your audience sees you, recognizes you, and thinks of you when they think financial advisor.

3. Keep Your Sales Funnel Full

New business and new clients are the goals of every advisor. And a marketing calendar can help ensure your sales funnel stays full of new prospects. When marketing isn’t consistent, it can lead to a drop in your prospect activity. Avoid the stress and uncertainty of inconsistent leads. Schedule events and content on your financial advisor marketing calendar and enjoy a solid sales pipeline.

4. Consistent Budget

As a financial advisor, you are good with money, but everyone has the occasional budget misstep. When your sales funnel isn’t consistent, it can lead to sudden bursts of expenses to refill it. You avoid this complication when working from a financial advisor marketing calendar. Staying on top of your marketing plans keeps your pipeline full and your budget in place.

5. Work Smarter, Not Harder

Part of your marketing calendar should include when and how you’ll determine what’s successful and what’s not. By creating KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and monitoring and reviewing your marketing resources regularly, you can find gaps in your plan and spend more money in places where marketing works best. Are your financial seminars performing best? Then you know you need to book more for the next quarter. Is social media not returning the results you want? Maybe it’s time to reduce your posts or change your tactics.

6. Make Smart Marketing Changes

A financial services content calendar will keep you on track. Avoid feeling lost and grasping at straws for what attracts the most qualified prospects. Because your calendar includes success metrics, you can make changes and tweak your plan, knowing they will improve as the months go by.

7. Make Closing Easier

The more comfortable you can make your prospects, the easier it will be to convert them into clients. With a financial advisor marketing calendar, you can ensure your brand stays top of mind and that your prospects know who you are and what your business does. Plus, you can nurture leads all along the sales funnel. What does all that equal? Each of your meetings will go smoother, and you will be more likely to convert clients. And who wouldn’t want that?

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8. Helps with SEO

Not only does your target audience love fresh, valuable content, but so do search engines! If your website hasn’t had any new blog posts or updated content in a while, it might harm your SEO. Google and other search engines love new content, so updating old blogs, creating new content, and making minor changes to make it more user-friendly will help increase your website ranking.

9. Builds Trust

Your prospects need to trust you as a financial advisor. And small nuances can affect how people feel and how they make decisions. Consistency in your branding, content, and posting can also translate into consistency in your business and reputation. Plus, sharing valuable information regularly builds your reputation as an industry leader. All of which translates to trust for your prospective clients.

10. Increases Revenue

A financial services content calendar helps you stay on track with your goals, builds trust, and helps you close more business. Plus, you’ll stay within budget and spend less time testing marketing solutions and more time making informed decisions. All this means an increase in revenue and a more stable, profitable business.

Build Your Financial Advisor Marketing Calendar

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Then, review our next blog, How to Craft the Ideal Financial Advisor Marketing Calendar, for everything you need to know to create your plan.

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