According to the National Safety Council, about 4.5 million people were seriously injured in vehicle crashes in 2018.

Those hurt in car, truck or motorcycle accidents have a limited amount of time to seek compensation in the courts.

By the same token, attorneys who take these auto accident cases have a brief window of opportunity to obtain clients.

Factors that make auto injury leads time-sensitive include:

  • The statute of limitations in the state where the accident occurred
  • The need to recover valuable evidence in the case
  • The importance of contacting accident witnesses

Finding potential clients

Over the years, you have no doubt seen plenty of television commercials for personal injury law firms.

(Depending on where you live, it’s pretty much impossible to avoid them.)

While consumers may be wary of TV ads, they are increasingly turning to the Internet to explore their legal options.

In a recent LeadingResponse article about auto injury leads, we analyzed the search terms used by crash victims when researching attorneys.

Because when you know what a prospective client is looking for, you can tailor a campaign to them.

Qualifying auto injury leads

LeadingResponse follows a four-step process to maximize the return on investment for an auto injury lead generation campaign.

First, we employ multiple online platforms to engage consumers looking for an auto accident or personal injury attorney in your market.

Next, we minimize the competition by limiting the number of clients who can buy our exclusive leads.

Then we exclude those who already have an attorney, don’t meet your criteria, or do not pass our quality control standards.

After that, we deliver the leads to you by email, via our lead management system, or through your firm’s CRM.

Lastly, we share qualified lead contact information with our call center.

There, a representative trained in personal injury cases calls the prospect and works to convert them.

Growing auto injury claims

In closing, individuals typically must move quickly to seek legal remedies following a vehicle accident.

Since auto accident leads have a short shelf life, attorneys who want them must also act fast.

Of course, you can manage your auto accident lead generation yourself. But wouldn’t you rather spend your time building your practice?

LeadingResponse delivers over one million pre-qualified leads to clients each year.

Our digital marketing team will track campaign metrics and adjust tactics to ensure we generate only top-quality leads.

And LeadingResponse data shows our automobile accident leads convert at a rate of over 50%.

If your firm is small or you have never purchased leads before, our Lead Connect system is an ideal place to start.

Get in touch today to discover how our attorney marketing solutions can help grow your business.